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  1. I am so utterly DONE with this game on live. I started out 4-0 with a good rank, and have lost every game after that. I simply cannot win and its not even fun. Its only a matter of time before I break a controller playing this game.
  2. EJHradek_ESPN On NY Post story (http://bit.ly/9U9s69) concerning NHL/NHLPA Kovy talks, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly says, "No ultimatum has been given."
  3. What would be the point of that? The player would still only collect that first 10 or so years, who cares what you make the last 2.
  4. Thing is I dont want to threaten them and then have them say "Ok bye!" and be screwed.
  5. Ive had it with Comcast and I need to dump them. I just moved last month, and transferred my service. I have my account set to auto pay every month which has always been fine because the bill came first and I had a chance to review it. When I moved, they told me to return all my old equipment and that I can pick up the new stuff at the same location. So I did. Couple weeks later I notice the balace on my statement is nearly $1300. I call about it and they said someone forgot to do something and that it would be corrected before my autopay hit. I say ok no problem, but of course, the next week, my account is hit for almost $1300 on 7/21. (My bill was $71.xx) So I call back and go insane. They apologize, and say the money will be credited back in 2-3 days. A week goes by, I call again. This time they say a check is in the mail. After 3 weeks of fighting, being lied to and general agony, they FINALLY credit my account back $1054 on 8/12, a difference of around $260, not the $71 that was owed. I call about this and they say they deducted my next bill out of the total. Now normally Id say ok, but I never received a bill for that, and it wasnt dues until 8/15. I asked them to credit me the whole amount less $71.xx, then send me a bill for 8/15 which I would promptly pay. They refused. I asked how they planned to address the fact that they held $1300 of my money hostage for 3 weeks, to which they had no answer. So basically they charged me $1200 too much, waited 3 weeks to give it back, then gave it back less bills that I hadnt seen and werent due yet, and offer me NOTHING but a big fvck you in return. Worst customer service possible and worst company around. They couldnt even offer me a discount or anything for what they put me through, so Im done. Only problem is they have a strangle hold on the business around here. I'd switch to dish/direct TV in a heartbeat, but I am still going to be in need of an ISP.
  6. From TG The Devils believe the NHL was wrong to reject the contract of Ilya Kovalchuk. “We are extremely disappointed that the NHL has decided to reject the contract of Ilya Kovalchuk,” Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said in a statement released by the team. “The contract complies with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. We will have no further comment until the process outlined in the CBA is complete.”
  7. Listen to LEMAIRE!!! Is this guy RETARDED? KILL THIS GUY! FIRE HIM NOW!
  8. If you think this team is going to win 3 straight against the Flyers you are fvcking high.
  9. I wouldnt go. fvck THIS TEAM AND fvck JAQUES LEMAIRE. IM fvckING DONE.
  10. I wussed out and sold the tickets. Hell of a game to miss too.
  11. They arent season tickets. I called figuring Id do the right thing and they'd say "Oh yea no problem we have your letter right here, see you at the game"
  12. Im just more worried now that I called them and alerted them of my name and they directly said no.
  13. Can someone twitter the current location or something for those of us who will be late?
  14. I love how you seem to have some expert knowledge of Prudential Security protocol. Of course its easy for you to say when there's no risk for you at all. I spoke to the guy I WROTE the letter to, who is the boss of whoever your brother talked to, and he didnt say "write the letter your name will be cleared" He told me they havent gotten my letter yet, and I couldnt come back until they review it. I asked if I could deliver it, fax it, whatever, and he said no because it has to be reviewed by a group of people. Your a real selfish piece of sh!t. Im bringing you to the game FOR FREE and you have the balls to act like a dickhead when Im considering not going because I MIGHT BE ARRESTED, not you.
  15. I know a guy who works at Prudential through a friend. He said they dont hand out pictures of the people or anything, but the supervisors know. He also said if they catch me they will arrest me. I dont know what Im gonna do yet.
  16. The letter says Ill be subject to criminal arrest for tresspassing. Thats what worries me.
  17. fvck. Im a loyal fan, the Devils have GARBAGE attendance, I punch a RANGER fan and now Im being fvcked.
  18. Im not worried about being recognized as much as my name being on the tickets or some kind of list.
  19. I did that, and I asked if I could fax it. They said it has to be reviewed by 232314234 different people and that it takes some time. The guy I spoke to was one of the guys I sent the letter to.
  20. Well it looks like I cant even go to the game now, unless I just ignore it and go anyway.
  21. I just called Prudential Security, and they told me they havent gotten my letter yet, and I cant attend. Im totally deflated right now. Guess my tickets are for sale. He's just fvcking around. He was at the game with me.
  22. I got kicked out of the Ranger game last week and havent received my 'reinstatement' papers yet, but I have tickets for tonight. Im not sure what I should do, or if I should be worried about trying to attend. Anyone have to get reinstated here before?
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