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  1. Im gonna do the bar crawl today but was thinking about bringing a backpack. What can I do with it at the game? Should I not bother bringing it?
  2. Just got 4 in 104. Not bad. I tried about 40 times for lower level.
  3. Yea I dont want that sh!t though. 120 sucks. I had 107 but it said 'unable to process'
  4. Christ. Everytime I hit continue it tells me unable to process your request.
  5. Best I can muster is 1xx. Still good though.
  6. Am I reading this right? You got lower level for $17/ea?
  7. Doesnt even matter. They didnt score a second goal anyway. What I cant stand is how everyone holds up on Crosby. Nobody hits him hard. I saw two or three devils come in hard on him then hold up. Salvador especialy. Just hit that motherfvcker.
  8. Kovy has been a part of every goal tonight. Can't complain about that.
  9. No I was in a Langenbrunner. I was calm with security so they were calm with me. It was a very painless process. I did see them haul some other mofos into the room though while I was sitting there.
  10. Yea. He was out of control though. The other guys I went with said that after it was over, everyone in our section was saying he deserved it.
  11. I was in 15. I dont know who it was, but some short but big dude captured me. Haha. The French Canadian guy told me he recognized me from other games and not to worry. He was cool.
  12. Went to the game tonight with 3 buddies...2 Rangers fans and one Devils. We were in 15. My one Ranger fan buddy got really wasted and was acting completely retarded, anyone in my section can attest to that. Long story short, he shoved me down into some seats (among a ton of other yapping etc) and I got up and hit him and laid him out into the seats. It was at the end of the 2nd so I just walked onto the concourse and was escorted to an office about 5 minutes after the altercation. Apparently I have to write a letter now in order to get 'reinstated'. Funny thing, when I was 'detained' the security guy sounded EXACTLY like Jaques, so I asked him if he was French Canadian and he told me he used to be part of the Canadiens organization and he saud he came over along with many others when the new arena was built. Found it kind of interesting. At any rate, not the best game but a big win. Go Devs.
  13. Ha! This oilers PP is better than ours has been in 20 games.
  14. I have tickets for Wed and I don't even feel like going anymore n
  15. Jaques switching up lines again. That'll work!
  16. Is he fitting the best he can into the team? No. But he carries himself very well and always says the right thing IMO. Brodeur needs a fvcking reality check for his big dumb ego.
  17. Da fvck? Have you ever watched post game interviews with Marty? Did you see his post games from the Olympics? 99.9% of the time he ignores the fact that HE SUCKED. Of course Kovy was a massive part of that goal and largely the cause, but Marty should have had that. He sat back in his crease like a little bitch. Here is a quote from Kovy about the play from TG. “I tried to beat (Glencross) and he made a good play,” Kovalchuk said. “But it’s unacceptable that I turned it over because there is no one behind me, especially when it’s a 1-1 tie.” THATS how you respond when you fvck up. I like Kovy that much more after that.
  18. What pisses me off about Marty is his extreme LACK of ability to take responsibility for something. A soft goal is somehow never his fault. Or his crybaby attitude when anyone touches him, which sometimes leads to goals because of his bitching about the non call.
  19. Awesome period so far. Way better than the first. 2nd line looking good.
  20. Agreed, but that's why they put them together on USA. They've always had that chemistry.
  21. We need to change what's behind the bench.
  22. Ugh. The devils look awful already.
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