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  1. I swear if the Rangers get him Im going to go apesh!t.
  2. Blown01NJ

    The ZZZ line...

    The Sandmen. Spread that sh!t.
  3. I've been to dozens of games, and this was easily one of the best games Ive ever been to. Super exciting, intense, edge of your seat the whole game action, with a nice finish. Very satisfying.
  4. Are you insane buddy? Auger is a retard. Burrows is the man as far as Im concerned.
  5. fvck THIS sh!t!!! fvck THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!
  6. What did Fischler say? I turned it off immediately.
  7. Touche', however its got nothing to do with that at all. I started posting on car forums and its just a name I use on many of them. Blown as in supercharged 01, and NJ, well because I live there.
  8. The guy is a clown but he is GOOD for the crowd thus good for the team. He's a motivator. Let him do his job. As if this were the only reason the "crazies" are retarded.
  9. The "crazies" eh? They are tards. Why do they boo the hell out of that t-shirt dancing guy?
  10. You mean I have tickets for Game 1.
  11. Blown01NJ


    Anyone who says Clemmer got us where we are right now is a TARD. Period.
  12. Blown01NJ


    Luck, and Clemmer getting bailed the fvck out by our OFFENSE. Do you see us scoring any goals right now?
  13. This. I mean, who needs our leading scorer anyway.
  14. Well you had the 7 goals part right.
  15. I was there. I was in 232 wondering wtf was going on over in 233.
  16. Definitely. Look at his 48 goal season. This year all he does is skate wide into the zone and blast a shot into the goalie's chest.
  17. Actually I started this thread before the loss, as if it mattered.
  18. For Calamari perhaps. BTW: Your writeup of yesterday's game on the other site has the next game listed as today, when its tomorrow.
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