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  1. I've been to dozens of games, and this was easily one of the best games Ive ever been to. Super exciting, intense, edge of your seat the whole game action, with a nice finish. Very satisfying.

  2. In a perfect world, refs would never have to make make-up calls. But this ain't a perfect world. The pre-game warning, if it's true, was a stupid move on Auger's part. But everything else he did strikes me as business-as-usual for NHL refs.

    Are you insane buddy?

    Auger is a retard.

    Burrows is the man as far as Im concerned.

  3. Blown, 2001, and New Jersey in the same sentence only means ONE thing 'round here....

    Touche', however its got nothing to do with that at all. I started posting on car forums and its just a name I use on many of them. Blown as in supercharged 01, and NJ, well because I live there.

  4. Your NAME even pisses me off. I don't particularly *like* the 233 "crazies", but I HATE that guy. I lost respect for him the second he started doing his obnoxious gig while Martin fvckING Brodeur was lying on the ice injured against Atlanta.

    My name?


  5. If he sucks like you say answer me this who got us to where we are now?

    Luck, and Clemmer getting bailed the fvck out by our OFFENSE.

    Do you see us scoring any goals right now?

  6. I think he misses a playmaking center. Zubrus is a good center provided that his wingers have natural talent and can fend for themselves. Gionta doesn't have the raw talent of someone like Patrik Elias.

    Gionta would excel if he had Gomez or Crosby on his line... or someone similar.

    Definitely. Look at his 48 goal season.

    This year all he does is skate wide into the zone and blast a shot into the goalie's chest.

  7. Successful hijack!!!


    The reason I started the hijack is because like previous statements by our friends here; Every time the Devils lose it becomes a Clemmer bashfest... I wish people would have more faith in Clemmer...

    Bottom line; Scott Clemmensen is a career backup goalie. The fact that he is 25-12-1 this year says alot about our team and the fact that Clemmensen was capable of keeping the Devils afloat until Marty gets back. I don't care if he loses every game until Marty gets back from now until then, I'm happy with the job he did this year and I hope some team gives him some cash and some playing time this coming off-season or at the deadline.

    Actually I started this thread before the loss, as if it mattered.

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