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  1. Is that your site or you just write for them? Edit: lol just read your sig.
  2. I went to see the Devils on the island last time they were there. I got $65 seats at the window and they werent bad. Was only like a 40 minute drive from my place too. Even though its an older/crappier place I liked the atmosphere. Sorta felt like the Fenway of Hockey arenas to me.
  3. Ive read this board for a while, but I got frustrated with it when registering a year ago didnt work (never got activated) and I emailed as many contacts as I could find and never got a response. I finally tried again the other day and it worked. As far as reposting a Clemmensen debate, I didnt see anything on the first couple pages about it so I posted it.
  4. Is that you wearing a Boston hat? Shame.
  5. I agree. I really wish he started against the Kings.
  6. Beat San Jose and Boston, lose to the Kings and go 0-4 against Florida.
  7. I watch every game I can and have been to about 10 already this season. Maybe its just the way he acts and the way everyone is jocking him that bothers me. I guess I just wanted Weekes to have more of a shot. Obviously Im happy the team is doing awesome (minus tonight)
  8. Im also not trying to be a jerk but I read nothing in that thread that made me like him. What's the reference Im missing here?
  9. Oh wow look at that Clemmer almost puts another one in from behind his own net.
  10. I claim that because I watch the games and I watch all of his arrogant interviews. Hes just not a humble guy. All he ever says is "I knew I could do it I just never got a chance" How about being grateful oure even here?
  11. I mean yea hes not bad, but hes not great. Weekes is just as good if not better IMO. They have both let some bad goals through but everyone stroking Clemmensens jock is really annoying. I wish Weekes would have gotten more playing time. Clemmer got lucky so many times and he NEVER admits when he messes up. Hes so immodest, its irritating. Weekes is just a positive guy and a much more humble person. Against the Sharks there were at LEAST 2 goals that shouldnt have gone. I cant remember which game it was but a couple weeks ago Clemmer gave up 3 terrible goals and screwed up behind the net and when the Devils offense bailed him out AGAIN, he cant even say "Yea I made a mistake."
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