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  1. So better to take septa from Trenton to suburban station and I'll only have to take one subway?
  2. Dumb comment. It's the first game. I want to have a few beers. I'm sitting in a suite. Why would I want to drive an hour an a half home after I've been drinking?
  3. So dumb. What the hell was he supposed to do? Miller is such a girl.
  4. Anyone know about Amtrak service from Metropark? Looks like it goes right to philly.
  5. Really it talks an hour and a half by car anyway so its not horrible. Wonder how bad the subway will be in a devils jersey.
  6. I live in Woodbridge. Normally drive to Philly but really want to drink there so debating the train.
  7. I'll be there. Anyone ever take the train from central Jersey? I don't want to drive but I don't want to take 17 trains and a subway.
  8. Blown01NJ


    Florida? Ban this guy.
  9. Blown01NJ


    Where? I'll come skate with zub
  10. Lots of Doc hate in the comments.
  11. If its that much I am thinking Lou is assuming we will be relying on him heavily again next year to score.
  12. Well we lose, but hey at least we have a winning 'mentality.'
  13. Someone put the Chico centric postgame on youtube.
  14. I dunno, for me I have seen Marty play dozens of times. I don't know that its THAT big of a deal. Or even if its his last game as a Devil of course.
  15. I have tickets but a championship mens league game at 550. I am torn.
  16. Blown01NJ

    David Clarkson

    Basically this. Laugh at the leafs.
  17. There is and never will be another tandem like doc and Chico to me. It's just never going to be the same. Still haven't adjusted to Steve. I'll miss him more than Marty.
  18. I think this was the most fun I have had watching this team all year. The hawks win just sweetens it.
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