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  1. im expecting the same thing just between this board and HF there are a lot of very unhappy sth's ... as well as what you said a poor performing team and cheaper prices for almost every game on the secondary market

    This tax bullsh!t is a scam. Its not rewarding people for paying early, its penalizing them for not.

  2. Who cares edition.


    I'll be there but I cant seem to give a sh!t anymore.

    I wouldn't be booing Zach. He was great when he was with us and I respected his decision to move home.

    Oh shut the fvck up.


    Boo the sh!t out of that little douche like you should. Nothing personal Zach, but you will be booed to no end.

  3. Yeah, they mentioned a while back that there was some new surcharge on the tickets for the city. I'd bet the tax is not really waived, but they just give you 7% off. and cover the tax out of what you already paid.




    I renewed in July last year and was not charged the extra 7%. I'm probably not going to renew this year anyway.

  4. Anyone know whats up with this? Looks like the price of my ticket is NOT going up, but I am being charged 7% tax which is somehow waived if I pay in full before 4/4? How does that make any sense? In addition theres now a 1.x% 'newark' surcharge?



  5. Yeah apparently they are getting rid of the all you can eat food in the club seats.  In exchange the seats are now going to be listed at $150-180 instead of $250-280.


    The other rumors I hear is that there will be 2 tiers:

    1) $150 ticket gets you into the club and that's it.  You must pay for everything else

    2) $180 ticket gets you into the club and a $30 food and beverage card.


    If that's true why would anyone get the $180 seat

  6. F that, even more of a reason to wear the colors. Screw the Phailures.

    Trust me, I will try. I don't however want to screw things up for my buddy by being an annoying a$$hole.

  7. :huh:  How do you get to be in between the benches?

    I have a buddy who's father in law is a businessman down there. I think its a perk of STHs for them or something. Its only fir the first period.

  8. I will be there Tuesday. Look for me in between the benches in the first period.


    Apparently they wont allow me to wear my jersey there though. Gonna try to get away with the hat.

    So last time I was in Philly I had a guy threaten to pi$& on my leg in the bathroom. I haven't been back since. My buddy dates a girl who is like the Deb Placey to the flyers. She's giving me "fancy pants" seats so that won't happen again? Should I go and if I do should I wear my Elias jersey !?!?!

    I wore my jersey in the fancy pants seats too. It was fine. It was also LOUD there compared to clubs in Pru.

  9. It amazes me that you guys are not only watching womens hockey, but discussing it online as well. :P

    I think you might have a psychological issue to explore.


    Obviously its not the level of the men but it was very entertaining and fun to watch. I had anxiety the whole 3rd period.

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