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  1. Did Elias miss the last two games because of food poisoning?  If yes, there is something really wrong with him. He has had food poisoning problems at least 4 times in the past two years.


    I am 80 years old and have had it once when I was 17 and I eat out a lot.

    Youre 80 years old?

  2. And Russia doesn't exactly have a bunch of Charas and McDonaghs running around back there, just look at who's on their olympic team on defense. Those stats are barely good enough for the NHL, much less the cruddy KHL. Kinda happy he's gone at this point

    40 points in 44 games is barely good enough for the NHL?


  3. Man, I don't know how old most of you are, or when you started watching the Devils, but Marty deserves much more from this fan base. Maybe Marty is done, but he has earned better than what I'm reading. How quickly we forget what he has meant to this team, how he gave a significant hometown discount at the dismay of the NHLPA, so that he could stay in Jersey. Sometimes I read this stuff, and it sounds just like the Rags' board. Really sad.

    He is to blame for this. His attitude sucks.

  4. Coaching is not the problem. How good do you think most teams would be if Jagr were their number 1 offensive threat? He was a supporting player on Dallas, and they didn't do so well last year.

    If I took Kane and say Hossa away from Chicago, they would not be that great. That's what DeBoer has had to deal with, and the team hasn't disintegrated. That's the sign of good coaching.

    He does some baffling things, and I wish he wouldn't ride Marty as much as he does, but we are very lucky to have him.

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    Chicago without Kane and Hossa it's still a lot better than us.

  5. NJT into Penn, then walking over to the D train. Can't imagine voluntarily driving into what is assuredly going to be traffic hell. Sent via mobile

    Where do you pick up the D train? Where do you get off for the stadium?

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