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  1. Maybe, but it's nice that they are taking care of the STH. I thought it was a pretty cool positive story. I am sure they are inundated with requests about this promotion so this was intended to be a positive post. Please don't turn it into a pissing match.

  2. Just an FYI. I was having trouble for the last 2 days redeeming my voucher. Couldn't get any tickets etc. I was at work, and sent an email to the address on the promo page (from my work email) letting them know I was a STH and I was having trouble redeeming etc. I left them my name.


    This afternoon I received an email (To my personal email, associated with my STH account) from 'TicketFast' with a PDF attached. 4 tickets in section 3.  It's kind of funny because it doesn't say its from anyone in particular, but clearly someone got my email, looked up my info based on my name and sent me 4 tickets. I didn't even give them my voucher code. The whole thing was a little odd but pretty awesome that they took care of me. :beerbang:

  3. Wahhhh I went to the game to get a voucher wahhh.


    Shut the fvck up. We donated food and we get the voucher. Its a win win. I probably wouldn't have brought 6 cans if not for the voucher. Guess I am a bad person.

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