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  1. I should be there already, but I'm stuck at work late... Not making any overtime because it's 2013 and "there's plenty of other unemployed people out there that will work for no overtime".

    I hate everyone, I want to be there seeing these goals.

    Are you salaried?

  2. The STH locker room has its own password - devilsarmy.  Not much there really aside from e-mail archives and other Prudential Center offers.

    Cool thanks. No reason to use that it seems.


    Do you know how we can post our tickets on stubhub this year? There used to be a print/download option that I don't see now.

    The letter for the perks is only for people who renewed and paid in full by a certain date.



    I paid in full but I took last year off. Must be why,

  3. By the way what is the 'letter' you guys are referring to?


    Also does anyone know the difference between the 'season ticket holder locker room' and 'my devils account' ?


    I can log into the Devils account but not the STH locker room.

  4. ALL I want to do is try to get one more ticket for Dec 27th vs Columbus. My section is light blue, which was $45/seat. It would be nice if I could actually purchase more at that price instead of the 400 pricing tiers they have now. It would also be nice if I could search by section to actually get a seat in my row. It also annoys me how they word it so it sounds like if we don't purchase more tickets in this 24 hour window we have to pay full price going forward.

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