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    Marty needs to stop crying.
  2. Who do we want in the playoffs?

    Just wondering who everyone would want in the 1st round of the playoffs. Realistically we should be in 2nd or 3rd place come the first round so we will probably be playing the Penguins, Rangers, or Florida. I personally would like to see the Panthers: they just don't have the reliable goal tending. Penguins are too unpredictable in how good they could be and the Rangers look like they are going to be solid under torterella and the new acquisitions, not to mention they always beat us, and now with avery I can't bear the site of another loss.
  3. Avery selected by Rangers in draft

    After what Avery did to us last year I'm somewhat worried.
  4. Obamas State of the Union

    What Obama meant to say was "tax cuts for those late on their mortgage, nothing for middle class paying their bills on time, free money for the poor, and tax hike for upper middle class and rich."
  5. Ya its always easy to spot the self-hating liberal.
  6. Serve 3 days in the army then tell me that again with a straight face. 7.. lol
  7. Time to legalize pot?

    Thats not exactly accurate as to what is happening right now... A cop can only get a blood test for a person who is already under arrest. If someone is suspected drunk the person can be given a breathalizer on the street but... if the person is high there is no other way of knowing on the street. Once again coming back to the fact that its easier to test for someone being drunk then high.
  8. My apologies for not spelling it out for you. Every time I said "women" it could easily be interchanged with "gay men." Maybe to make it more clear I should have said "The most efficient units are all straight men."
  9. Time to legalize pot?

    If the person smoked it in the car it would be obvious otherwise not so much. When someone is drunk (which some people can still hide well) its much more obvious then when someone is high is what im saying.
  10. "If you are going to detain someone for an in determinant amount of time you had damn well better have enough evidence to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt." You don't need "enough evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt" to hold a detainee, in fact you don't even need probable cause. This war is still going on, therefore we need to hold onto them till its over. It is clear you have no clue about anything involving Geneva Conventions or even criminal law, let me remind you we are still at war. You know that right? You know what these people in Gitmo did? Or rather just not think about it. I'm sorry but a doctor shoving his finger up a detainees ass doesn't constitute torture when anyone one of those terrorists would chop your american head off if they had the chance. But yet you still want to give them a nice liberal hug. You should be ashamed of yourself that you support the people killing our soldiers. People like you need another 9-11 to remind you were at war, its sad.
  11. Anyone who has ever served in the military in an mos that has women involved will tell you it is a distraction. Guys constantly think of sex, having women around doesn't make that easier, the same would be said with gays in a unit. Any male who has served in the military would tell you that the most efficient units they have been in were all males, it's nothing against females, I have seen many females perform very well but a female is always a distraction in a unit, especially an attractive one. I agree, just follow the militaries policy of dont ask dont tell and a gay can serve.
  12. Time to legalize pot?

    If you legalize pot people will be high all the time and unlike alcohol it is not easy to tell if some one is high. And as stated earlier I really don't want some pot head driving on the roads. But if you legalize pot it will definitely boost the economy. We can tax the crap out of it and get some money flowing. But the best thing of all is all of these drug dealers collecting welfare and on section 8 won't be driving bentleys anymore Then again they can just keep selling their other drugs, IDK tough issue, hard to say what would really come out of it if it were legalized.
  13. Something that needs to be understood about the military is that their is an emphasis on getting the job done without having distractions. This is one of the reasons the infantry doesn't have women in it. You can be gay and in the military, all they ask is that you follow their policy and "don't ask or tell" about being gay. Sounds pretty fair to me and pretty much anyone else in the military. Its funny how this predominantly an issue for those who are anti-war or people who would never consider joining the military.
  14. Tortilla named the new Rangers head coach

    if anything is gonna get them turned around its torterella, this could be bad.