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  1. tonight after the post game, MSG is airing a special about the 334 Club. It was taped over the summer at the old Arena.
  2. Hey guys, I am a member of the 334 Club, I posted on this board on the twenty-fifth anniversary of that night telling my story. Back in 2007 the Devils had a twentieth anniversary day at Continental. I received two free tickets to the game, a really cool 334 club hat , and we were all brought downstairs after the game to private party thrown by the Devils. Lou spoke, Dano , Driver, Stan and a few others. It was a very nice day, simple, and very much appreciated. Two free tickets , some chicken tenders and double 00 Bauham getting us all chanting 334! 334! 334! You couldn't ask for anything better. Seeing the new ownership is pawning off these white 334 club jackets " to its members " for a bargain price of $130 just blows my stack, but get there early because they may not last long. Are you F#@cing kidding me ? I will be at the game on Tuesday night, I will be the one NOT wearing a white jacket .
  3. Thanks for the info. Guys, no worries, I am not in the jersey business, this is the first one I ever purchased, I just wanted one to wear to games. The one's for sale are crap and very cheap.
  4. Just purchased a game worn Albany Devs jersey and would like to change the name on it. Where is the best place to go. Time and money not a problem. I just want it done right. Thanks
  5. I am going to bring my Zack jersey and throw it on the ice
  6. gotta go to facebook and look up the Pierre Mcguire drinking game, it;s a riot
  7. You just can't make this up. Check out the recap on NHL.com , Bryzgalov wat voted No 1 star for game 2. Did they leave after 2 periods ?

    Bench Kovalchuk

    He is not the reason we lost but Kovi is playing so soft right now it is killing me. I rather see Bernier play in his spot and just use Kovi for the power play. The man can not move out there right now. Our overall lack of team speed is really showing thur, especilly our D men. Time for Lou to pull a Holmgrem this summer and make some moves for a younger faster team. Our D get beat to the outside so often now I can't keep track. Maybe time to get Larsson some playoff exp. Can't be any worse than Volchenkov flopping around out there.

    Kevin Clark

    Going to call the Devils today, the building was great last night, we don't need the PA telling us to get up every 30 seconds. It F@#king Bush League !
  10. You need some Status Quo in there
  11. Good Luck Maddog, you made the single biggest play on the run to our 2003 cup .
  12. Love the Doc. I just wish he could have taken Chico with him. He never shuts up now. I watched half of the Canes game on mute.
  13. Found out from a friend there will be a patch this year- "SQ"30
  14. Actually I miss the days of the Norris, Patrick, Adams, Smyth, divisions. Love those days. Hockey had its on niche, I don't know why we had to dumb it down to North, South blah blah blah...
  15. Love the Doc, now if only Chico had another offer, send him back to the Isles for a couple of Nathan's hot dogs ?
  16. Doesn't matter, I'm never buying a Reebok product ever, They have tried to ruin hockey jerseys over the last six years. The friggin shirt tails, the stupid pipeing, and the girls softball numbers on the front. Thank god Lou stood strong and wouldn't let them screw with the Devils jerseys (beside swrewing up the throwbacks with the big white tail ) CCM only ! p.s. When is the NHL going back to white at home, seeing away teams come in wearing white all the time is boring.
  17. God , do I miss jerseys that have a straight bottom.
  18. Awful. You got to think the Montreal police force is pretty pissed off. Nothing like robbing a former officer's wife on the day that her husband is buried. This guy is going to look like he went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson after they find him.
  19. What the Devils need to do is go out and get themselves one of those 6'6" goalie with the huge chest protector and huge pads that plays the whole game on his knees . This is what hockey has come to. Find a tall goalie with the lacrosse gear and we'll be set for fifteen years.
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