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  1. This obviously isn't the one your talking about, but its kinda funny and got me pumped a bit.
  2. my brother and I will be in 115 representing big NJD, come on Devs and knock these fvckers in the teeth. Will be repping NJ proudly and heres hoping for FLA to have a long plane ride to Newark. Swarm em' baby
  3. Hey all. Lately i've be collecting some retro devils gear from shirts and hats to jackets. Ebay has some interesting stuff every so often, But Im looking to add more to my collection. I havea lot of jerseys already im looking more along the lines of hats, shirts, and jackets/windbreakers. So if you have any pre 92 devils gear with the green colors, I may be interested. Just message or post what you have and name a price. I may haggle with you, but probably will pay a more than fair price for something I dont have and in decent condition.
  4. Hey all. Was wondering if any of the members of the board lived in or near Jacksonville, its easy to find a bud to go out with to watch football, but in FL hockeys not so big. It would be cool to catch a game every week or so and meet some new people. Hell, with all the northerners in FL theres gotta be a bunch of devils fans here, just havent found any yet. I found one place that has a big hockey following, but the owner is from philly and they have COMPLETELY takenover the place haha.
  5. I seen atleast 1 of these on ebay, but I think 2. I'd keep a lookout there... atleast one went for $300+
  6. I'm happy with the win. Impressive win? I don't really agree with that. while we looked more than decent the marlins are really struggling right now. We have BIG TIME pitching concerns, please dont think otherwise. But yeah I'm glad Wright had a couple hits, one and a half really, most guys would catch that ball at the wall in my opinion. I personally don't think you will see Perez skipped, its so early in the season. Also I was reminded earlier that his last outing vs. the phillies was quite impressive. And that grand slam from Santos was very nice to see. i hope that guy earns a roster spot, I'm not sure who we will part with.
  7. Liquor calms my nerves.... for this exciting occasion i'll have bring out my favorite, mount gay extra old and splash of diet cola. LETS GO DEVILS! Wake up and play some smart damn hockey... these inbred losers aren't fit to share the same ice as you.
  8. Tonight was a tough night for devils and/or mets fans. That last goal was pretty damn frustrating. The Devils really impressed me coming back like that. Only for it to all come crashing down on a very controversial play. After finally getting over that, I flip back to the mets, which I was keeping my eye on during intermissions and commercials. Unfortunately as you guys know it didn't get any better. You know Beltran has to slide on that play! You know its going to be close.... you see guys slide when the ball is hardly in the vicinity. We he turned third base he knew it was going to be close! Even if he didnt step on the catchers but instead on the plate, it would have been a close play. Than of course Murphy is there to make another god awful fielding error. You know... I live in Jacksonville now, and i have some fiends from college that went to high school with the guy. So being a met and a local boy.... I wish him all the luck in the world. I really hope things turn around for him... its pretty pitiful for him lately though. He needs some major work.... I think it is in head now more than anything. He needs to get his skills and judgement up to par and he will have confidence... he has a decent bat we need him in the lineup. Hopefully tomorrow is a better night for the mets.... as we try to get back to 500. more importantly at this point... the DEVILS need to come out FIERCE on thursday it is INCREDIBLY CRUCIAL. We do not want to go back to carolina down 3-2... GET PISSED OFF, PLEASE!
  9. Skates

    I'm happy we lost

    So because you attended more games than someone automatically makes you a better and more knowledgeable fan? And just because you go to more games it gives you the right to bad mouth your own damn team, and when you get called out on it you resort to insults such as attending more games. Its a circle of sh!t . i know what you were trying to say at the beginning of the post... u wanted cocky fans to come down to earth. While I understand that, you cant worry about that man! theres always gonna be fans like that for any team and any sport... just root your own team on, thats all you can do. LGD!
  10. Thanks for the info. Lets hope it is on. If not ill use atdhe, but i have a feeling since they already have recieved multiple cease and desist letters, the nhl will keep a close eye on it. I gotta be prepared to make a run to a sports bar during one of the intermissions if it does get shut down. of course we can avoid all this trouble if nhl gamecenter prvides what they advertise. LETS HOPE these people u talked to knew what they were talking about. Enjoy the game!
  11. I can't find the link at the moment, but it was a calgary flames forum complaining how none of the playoff games will be shown on gamecenter. But when I signed up for gamecenter is specifically remember them saying select playoff games will be shown. of course if its on national tv it is suppose to be blacked out. So my logic is what other game would they be shwoing besides the devils and canes. But i havent seen anything anywhere that convinces me i'll be able to watch it tonight online. And yes i believe center ice is different than nhl gamecenter I was trying to fix some grammar in my previous post, sorry for quoting what I had just said lol.
  12. Thats what I was thinking. But the Devils are not on national tv tonight and from what I have read online i don't think the Devils are going to be shown on gamecenter. So this blows I hate to waste money going out, i like watching from home. The alcohol is cheaper and the restroom closer, plus I can yell obsceneties without lookin over my shoulder for children and women first. Damn you nhl gamecenter! Atleast versus is saying they will show a game 5 next Thurs I believe. LGD!
  13. Since I live in FL, I used nhl gamecenter this season follow the devils. I read somewhere they will be showing select playoff games. I can't find anywhere on nhl dot com that lists which will be shown. Anyone else use nhl gamecenter that can give me a heads up? just wondering if I am going to have to go to a sports bar to watch it. Thanks, and LGD!!!
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