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Like others here, I'm a huge Devils fan. from my Devils tattoo to my Devils Den basement that I have, the Devils are a huge part in my life. I have been very blessed to have season tickets since 1986 (i was born in 1980!). We started in section 203 row 1 when they were $16 a game. Then in 1996 we moved to the last row of 204, the two seaters (It was me and my dad that went). Now at the Rock we have 3 seats, my dad, me and my wife in the first row of 216. We are fortunate enough to have $10 (now $15) season tickets. In this economy that helps! We have sat with the same people from the old days of Bendan Byrne Arena to The Rock. We also me some fantastic people along the way. Bob, George, Jeff, Chris, Tim, Paul....etc you guys are awesome and I love you like family.

When I met my wife, I thought she was just playing when she said she is a huge Devils fan. My test was do she know who my favorite player of all time is, Sheldon Souray. She described him and passed with flying colors. She is the love of my life and best friend. Not to mention a huge Devils fan. Boy does that help me in our marriage, lol. Guys try your hardest to find a girl who loves hockey and a bonus, one who loves the Devils. She goes to all the games with me, had a bunch of jerseys, puts up with my memerobilia and Devils Den in our basement. I am truly blessed!

I love autographs, memerobilia, jerseys and game worn stuff. I got my first game worn jersey when I was a kid from my dad. I also love sticks, gloves etc.

All in all, I love talking hockey and Devils and getting to know all of you!!

For my game worn/used collection check out my webshots on my sig.

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