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  1. The Mascot! Damn. I never would have guessed he would have been more than a regular game. My Henrique rookie scf is the price of the purple warmup. Great dollar total for charity! Affects so many people so the more they can do to raise for a cause like this the better. Love it!
  2. Happy for the charity for sure but very surprised that a warmup jersey went so high. I'm sure Marty night gamers will be nuts. Funny that people can get a gamer from Meigray with wear and worn over a period for less than what the practice jersey went for. But what ever floats everyone's boat. I was in on a stick then I felt the price got stupid so I stepped away from it. I will wait for when Meigray gets equipemnt and will get for less than half what this stick went for.
  3. For sale is a new 1995 Cup Reunion Red Devils jersey in XXL. No name or numbers in back and was never worn since I got at the VIP event last season. Comes with the 1995 Cup Reunion patch on the front. $100 PayPal and free shipping. Message me if interested and offers welcome. Pics available on request.
  4. Congrats that's a great jersey! Second LOA with my name in it that someone else bought. Enjoy it, it's very easy to match!
  5. The blank GI was $275. Not bad for an on ice made jersey with a hard to find patch. The number was 23 so I assume was made for Sestio but they never put a name on it. Got 68 Jagr with an A cause he wore that for the game.
  6. I would never change an actual gamer that was used. What I did do is buy a game issues jersey from Meigray with no name on it (only a number). It was one of the ones with a HHOF patches. Sent to exclusive pro to get the number stripped and Jagr on it. Looks awesome, basically like a gamer. I will wear it tonight.
  7. Dougie Hamilton is hell of a young dman. Wanted him at the draft but its still too early to see who won this draft.
  8. Nothing like opening the box of a huge jersey! Hope you enjoy it brother!!!
  9. Unreal Jordan! Enjoy the hell out of it! It's crazy even opening that package
  10. Will be there tomorrow for the 5pm show with my two daughters (3,1), wife and mother in law. The look on my 3 year old face makes it all worth it. Will be in my Henrique jersey so say hi if us see me!
  11. Jordan, impressive as always!! One day I have to post mine and pics of the den.
  12. Do you know if the actually got them from the Devils yet?
  13. Bump, two autographed 16x20's and an unsigned 8x10 of the knob photo reference included in package.
  14. Mine are on a rack I got a while ago at bed bath and beyond in my devils basement
  15. Also for sale is a 2008-09 red set 1 Andy Greene Game worn jersey. Solid wear and Meigray LOA. $300 plus shipping. Either message Me or email me at djhamilton5880@yahoo.com.
  16. NHL Store had them last week. Give them a call, maybe they still have them.
  17. If anyone is looking for that retro stadium series scarf (goes with the ever so famous toque), Cosby's in NYC has one in their window. You can call and get it shipped to you. I saw it there this morning as my office is in the same building. NYC Store was sold out of the scarf.
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