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  1. Thanks MP for all games I got to watch because of your feed. Here on the border of NJ/PA we don't get Devils games and you allowed me and my girlfriend to watch the 2012 Stanley Cup run which was an incredible experience. Thanks for all of your work with making sure the feed was up for every game. Your feed will be missed here!
  2. Very cool idea. My twitter is @Vile_Vortices
  3. Cirkus

    Shane Doan

    I was wondering the other day what if Kovalchuk was a UFA now given his short history with the Devils. He's been to a cup final already, showed he can get involved a bit defensively (more-so than people previously assumed), even plays on the PK a bit. Would more teams have been interested now? Kind of interesting to think about considering what Parise was offered and now what Doan is being apparently offered. By the way, I would love to have Doan, I've wanted to have him on the team for years but here's no way I'd pay these crazy contracts. Its insane.
  4. You know, Henrique is going to be a better player than Parise anyway. Parise can screw off and I look forward to hearing the boos when he comes back around.
  5. What a bastard. All that stuff about "don't worry" and "we" in all of his statements was a bunch of crap. What an ass. Good luck playing for Wild, they suck and always will no matter who they get. You could almost feel his heart wasn't here at all times during this process. It was money in my opinion.
  6. No no please no. Luongo has no mental toughness and can't play in tough spots. Marty in his prime could, he loved that time (ok maybe not playoff OT's so much). And then this past year he was back to old form and played his best when needed. Luongo folds and falls apart when it counts most. That would guarantee basically terrible Octobers and Novembers (he seems to be a slow starter), we'd be fine from then until April or so and out of the playoffs every year Luongo played here. No thank you. And what on earth would Vancouver want for him? Whatever it is, its not worth it.
  7. Hahaha thats perfect! I'm hoping it is between us and the Wild. I feel like even though we're clearly offering less money that we have a better shot at him due to having more success and he knows our system. The Wild aren't exactly a offensive team and it seems thats what he's looking for. Though I could be wrong and Zach proves to be out for the $$ in the end.
  8. Ah ok, that makes more sense. Yea, I don't know about the Pens, I mean they'd be tying up about $25 million in cap space and who knows what in actual $ every year for the foreseeable future for 3 forwards. Not the best plan long term. I'd be shocked if Zach went to Minnesota. Obviously if he does its mostly about money. Yes its close to home but the Wild have very little prospect of being any good for a while and they'll likely throw the most ridiculous contract at him tomorrow.
  9. So how does this work anyway with what Zach is doing tomorrow? He sits in his agent's office and GM's come in one by one with offers? Or do they make phone calls? It sounds pretty stupid. I remember when I read about Richards doing this last year thinking "for Richards? really?" and now its Zach. I'm picturing a line of GM's sitting in a waiting room and then the Penguins show up with Mario, Sid, Malkin, loads of cash and some good pastries to smooth it over.
  10. Yea, I get the feeling really most of the NHL is waiting on Parise and Suter before things start going nuts with signings and trades. I think though some teams won't want to wait or aren't really in the running for big names and the longer Parise takes to make a decision players are gonna get plucked off the UFA market and we could very well get left with much less to work with. I'm thinking noon Monday we'll know what Zach is doing. I just hope thats not too late to go get a secondary guy. And then who knows what Marty is thinking and how long he anticipates waiting.
  11. Parenteau is definitely someone to look at signing tomorrow if Parise is gone. Don't know what he might be looking for but he's due for a good raise over his $1.25 million last year. Probably could go 4-5 million, cheaper than Zach at least. I don't know who the Devils replace Marty with. Hedberg as a starter is a little scary. This could speed things along with the team figuring out its goalie situation going into the future which I keep feeling Lou is putting off. I'd rather Marty 1 more year to allow the younger guys to develop.
  12. This is sad. This could be the last full day of Parise and Brodeur being Devils. I'm trying to be optimistic and think maybe its only going to be 1 of those players. Most likely we lose Parise and keep Marty, but the worst case just sucks.
  13. Well I guess he'll start in those 6 games vs. the Rangers for the fighting majors to start the games. Other than that, I dunno.
  14. I have always liked Bure for the HOF. His numbers in his relatively short career were awesome. He had some great seasons and some in the dead puck era. Had he played in the 80's instead of the 90's his goal totals could've been ridiculous. But anyways, he did a lot with his small number of games played, some of which while injured. I wish he had played more games to make this more legit, but I still like it. Not a fan as much of Sundin. I don't feel he was a dominant player at any point, very good and all but just not HOF like. He probably still deserves it though. The no Shanahan thing is wei
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