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  1. I'm probably one of the few that's not quite sure what to think about this trade. I know the Devils desperately needed help in the scoring area - no doubt about that. This trade will certainly help. But, we all know this is a rental, which leads to my issue with it. I hate rental trades. I hate this one simply because I really do not see this team having a shot at the cup. I just don't. Then again, I'm probably one of the few who doesn't like the fact that Lemaire is coaching. Didn't like it when Lou chose him, don't like it now. He didn't disappoint me either - he's still the same in my opinion. Overcoaching, stiffling the defense, overplaying Brodeur... Hate it. I remember why he got canned - I guess Lou didn't or he's the only game in town. While I'm not happy Oduya is gone, I feel he never would have panned out with Lemaire. He just didn't seem to get him. I don't believe for a minute he's the type of guy who stops playing after cashing in. Personally I was interested to see how he played in the Olympics to judge whether or not he was having a crap year or just can't play for Lemaire. He should be able to - but Niedermayer didn't flourish under him either (and no, I'm in no way comparing the two). His confidence was gone - guess we'll see how he does in Atlanta. Who knows. The point production from the defense is crap in general. Andy Greene was racking them up - on the PP anyway. I would guess about 95% of his points came from the PP. Even strength is a problem. Should be interesting seeing him in the post season, especially considering he's never played a full NHL season. I don't know why, I just can't get into him. Just can't. Too soft along the boards. Too soft in front of the net. Too indecisive. Drives me nuts. As much as I always loved Pandolfo, and it pains me to say it, he's done. I think Niedermayer is the laziest player I've ever seen. I just want to bitch slap him. Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic (Shocking, I know) - I just don't see it this year. Even with the trade. Brodeur scares me, he really does. Those god awful untimely goals are still there. White is still running players in the neutral zone leaving a rattled Mottau left alone. And can someone explain to me why those two are still paired together? Slow and Slower? I don't get that one either and I don't get why Mike Mottau is getting 25 minutes a game. I don't want to knock the guy - he's playing a #1 position with #6 talent. I don't fault him. Anyway, the defense is now worse, god help us. I've got that same feeling about the defense that I had when the Giants were 5-0. The feeling that somehow they're winning, a bit of luck and timing perhaps, but it just seemed as though they shouldn't. Sure the defense is ranked high, but as retarded as this may sound, I just don't see it. Salmela scares the bejesus out of me. I guess Lemaire will play him 7 minutes a game with Fraser so we can overplay Greene even more. I know Martin comes back and the defense should improve without a doubt, but let's not forget the Martin was playing like crap too before he was hurt. Maybe the trade will work, I don't know. I just hate rentals, they always seem to bite you in the ass. Sorry - these anti-Devil fan thoughts have been killing me all season. Don't mean to be a downer, I couldn't contain myself any longer.
  2. olp

    POD: My last rant.

    Not that anyone knows who the hell I am, nor do they care, but this is my last rant. I can't take Devils fans any more. What a spoiled, whiny group we are. 8 Games into the season and my head is already spinning from all of the constant complaining from this group. 8 fvcking games people! Let me just try to recap all that's been said on this board the last few weeks. 1. Elias is done. He sucks, he can't do anything, he blows, and did I mention he sucks. No wait, he's great. He's Captain material again, we love him and he can do it all. He deserves every penny he gets, only because he probably has to listen to whining fans every time he goes to the mall. 2. Sutter's system is a failure - in fact, it appears the Sutter experiment has failed. Yes, the term was failed already. I hope to god none of you are coaches - only because you have no patience for players to adjust. Give it time for Christ's sake. 3. Oduya is a piece of crap. I think Oduya would be the first to tell you he's not a #2 defenseman. On his very best day he's possibly a #4. But, the Devils are asking him to be a #2 - against Crosby, against LeCalvier - you get the point. You fans are throwing this kid under the bus because he's being asked by the organization to play over his head. Then again, this is the same group of fans who berated Niedermayer for years (and no, I'm not comparing Niedermayer to Oduya) - I got tired of defending him too. Guess the coaching staff sees something you clowns don't - what a surprise there. 4. Brodeur should be traded, he's done, he's fat, he's banging a new sister-in-law. I guess he should adapt to the new system overnight as well. 5. Mottau is our best defenseman. Right. 6. Madden should be Captain because he's vocal and now he's the leading scorer. Sure, the same guy who shot a puck at his coach to see his reaction. How quickly we forget. 7. Fans love the "road is not an excuse" line from Sutter. That's bullsh!t from Sutter and everyone knows it. Please - a 9 game road trip to start the season doesn't affect, and shouldn't affect the team? Please. Of course it should, it's all a mindset. They started the season knowing they had this unpresedented road trip, because of an arena no one is going to go to is being built, and it's in their heads they have to at least be 500 coming into their new "home" (as temporary as it may be - that's another rant though). It was an issue before the season started with the media and they beat it into the players heads - so why shouldn't it be an issue now? What, like it's not some sort of disadvantage right now? Uh huh. 8. This is my own personal bitching - I can't take Chico one more second. He's getting worse too. I'm sorry, but isn't the home announcer supposed to know who players are? You can't tell the difference between Rachunek and Oduya? You can't ever say Marty f'd up? He has no problem saying the defense did. I think I want to punch him in the face he's so damned annoying. Sure he's nice and all, and he did get a better rug, but boy is he pissing me off with his goalie lovefest. Anyway. You get the picture. Spoiled rotten fans is what we are. We expect perfection right off the bat. The old system hasn't gotten us sh!t lately. It was time for a change. With change comes some adversity. With change comes mistakes. Give it time. I can't. I've had enough - this board is the worst I've seen since the old NJO days. Take me off the member list.
  3. Come on guys, give the guy a little credit here. 20 bucks is a pretty good deal.
  4. From reports I've read, this was perhaps a robbery as well. I don't care what they were doing - nobody deserves to get shot execution style. Scary thing for me is, my husband was down right in that area around the same time working. He said it was pretty wild - the streets were basically closed off by people barbequing and partying it up with not a cop in sight (but in their defense, they are a bit overwhelmed down there). He said it was wilder than usual for a Saturday night. Needless to say, he said this is it for him - he'd rather pay someone to take his shifts there in the summertime. I will say, all this highly publicized crime probably won't bode well for tickets sales at the Rock.
  5. I don't think anyone is saying Tillman wasn't a "hero". In my opinion anyone who's over there is a hero, even if I don't (and they don't) personally believe in this particular war. Tillman's death is certainly suspicious and warrants a deeper investigation. Come on, it's not as if the Military has never covered things up before. Perhaps it was friendly fire - but to get a close grouping of 3 together like that on a moving target (if he indeed was flailing his arms about as O'Neal said) is extremely difficult, to say the least. Possible yes. Likely, no. Why is it so difficult to accept that he possibly was murdered? Tempers flair - these guys are tired beyond belief, mentally exhausted from not knowing who's a suicide bomber or not (let alone the mines in the road) and are just totally stressed out. Is it so hard to understand that perhaps, just perhaps, tempers flaired a bit too much for one day and someone lost it? That someone with a gun in their hand? I'm sure it's happened many times before. That's not to say Tillman wasn't a hero for "defending" his country. The people in the comfort of their own home have no idea what these guys go through. My nephew was all gung ho going in. After 2 tours over there, he's a mental case. Can't sleep. Can't turn off the images he's seen over there. And counseling for these stressed out guys is non-existent, even when they get home. After hearing all he's been through at 22 years of age, I can certainly understand why some weaker may crack. I know I don't support this war. But, I support these men and women who are over there risking their lives every single day. I just hate the military justice system. They're more concerned about protecting themselves rather than finding the truth. Bad things happen sometimes and the person(s) responsible should be held accountable. But they won't because of the political fallout (doesn't matter which party is in office). The truth will never come out until those that witnessed this incident (whatever it was) are out of the military. It's just the way it is with the "good 'ol boy" system we have in place - and that's not going to change any time soon. Just my 2 cents anyway.
  6. Perhaps the Devils feel between Robinson and Albelin that he can be worked with on his positional play. I only remember him because my son is a big fan of his (he picks strange players to idolize) - big, has decent speed and tends to be a bit on the nasty side - something the Devils could use if you ask me. Whether or not he can put it all together remains to be seen, especially considering his age, but you never know.
  7. Ok, now that I saw the AP video on these two boys, it kind of sheds a different light on the subject for me. I know this is probably horrible to say, but I guarantee you if these two boys weren't the, oh how shall I say it, "less desirable" type the girls would not have complained. Chances are if these two boys were popular and good looking nothing would have been said. It's rather flattering to get smacked on the ass by a popular boy, but when some overweight dork does it, it's quite the turnoff - right? I don't blame the school for reporting these kids - it has to be done in sexual cases. Who knows how much pressure the girl's parents were putting on the school. Who I do blame is the police. I know, it's quite the surprise that the police would overreact. (where's that damned sarcasm button?) Ok, go ahead and arrest them. But to strip search these kids? You've got to be kidding. They're still just children and the offense certainly didn't warrant that type of treatment from the police.
  8. You know, it could be very possible that is cases of sexual abuse the school HAS to call the police. I don't know - I've seen plenty of assaults take place in schools and no cops are called. That's usually up to the victim to go to the police themselves. But sexual misconducts may be another story. It all depends on the school policy. Once the wheels are in motion from a criminal standpoint, they're rather difficult to stop. For all we know, this could have been discussed ad nauseum at this school and these two wiseasses (for some reason that's how I picture these two) decided to ignore the request. They could have been talked to 50 times about this issue - who knows. While one part of me says this sexual harrassment nonsense is going way too far these days, the other part says this ought to teach these kids to keep their damned hands to themselves (which they ought to know by age 13).
  9. I think you're readin too much into this. I don't think this is at all about post count. I think this is all about posters (new or not so new) coming on here and posting ridiculous rumor after rumor. It was getting out of hand and if you notice, the moderator politely asked newcomers and oldcomers alike to follow some simple rules. Apparently some are slow learners, so he dealt with it in a humorous way. Has nothing to do with post count, but has everything to do with the sudden onslaught of new posts that are a bit out there.
  10. Some say you make your own luck - perhaps if he learned to keep his head up he wouldn't be so injury riddled. Perhaps soft is the wrong term - eggshell comes to mind for me (think that's what Msweet meant anyway). Some people are just injury prone, it's just the way their genetic makeup is I think. Lindros was always the type of player who could dish it out but couldn't take it. He should have retired years ago for his own sake.
  11. olp

    King's Ransom

    Brooks is a complete idiot. I'm sorry, but exactly why should he have to "save" his team some cap space? He's been saving the Rangers long enough, I think he's due to be (in Larry's eyes anyway) a bit selfish. The salary is not outrageous and he clearly has earned it. Why not bash Drury for not taking less? He, afterall, wanted to play for the NYR his whole life. Same could be said for Gomez. Why didn't they "save" the team they so desperately wanted to play for? It was Larry that believed that drivel, wasn't it? Please, the issues of "saving" the team rests solely on the shoulders of the GM, not the players. I'm just not so sure Sather is smart enough to get themselves out of the hole they've dug. Now that would be a shame.
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