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    Hockey, Baking Cupcakes and other baked goods, Going to hockey games, Music, vampires, and reading lots of books.

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  1. WHOAAA A lot of stuff has changed around here... maybe I will make a comeback?

    1. mouse


      Please? I miss people.

    2. Masked Fan
  2. Whipped Cream is actually really good with Orange Soda. But I am a women, however not exactly college aged. Also Gummy vodka absolutely amazing especially when you soak said gummies in it. UGH SO GOOD.
  3. When I was signing on my profile icon was missing and I couldn't see profiles. It seems to work on my home computer though. Maybe it was just my really slow work computer.
  4. Hmmm. I think something is wrong with my username....
  5. cupcake23


    WHYYYYYYY!!!!? Ugh That's the best part. As for my drink preferences lately, I'm all about Crispin Apple/Pear Cider.
  6. Passing thru.... HELLOOOOO EVERYONE!
  7. I think I'm going to the show in Philthy because my friends are opening for them. Maybe I will go to both, depends on how the Dave weekend goes....
  8. I love you. Just saying... lol

  9. Why do you think it was a shotgun wedding? Hmmmm? And I reported she was prego a while ago at one of the drives with the wives.... They were only married in July..... *counts days/months*
  10. The Preds girls dance AND they have poles right next to the CMT stage. They're useful unlike those skanky dancers we have.
  11. Feeling saucy.... 1. Being From Jersey Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry - Cobra Starship 2. Souls on Ten - The Almost 3. 83 - John Mayer 4. Say It Ain't So - Weezer 5. New - No Doubt 6. Ladytron - Venus in Furs (YAYYYY VELVET GOLDMINE! <3 that movie!!) 7. Someone Like You - New London Fire 8. Breathe In - The Loved Ones 9. Steven - Senses Fail 10. The Other Side of the Crash - Thursday 11. Bloodshot - Jack's Mannequin 12. Younglife - Anberlin 13. Love Maker - Saosin 14. Brooklyn is Burning - Head Automatica 15. Santana DVX - Lonely Island 16. Without You Here - Finch 17. Fall For Anything - The Script 18. Save Me - Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds (Live at Radio City) 19. IF You Really Wanna Hear About It - The Ataris 20. Overrated - Whole Wheat Bread
  12. just had a shirt done at the Rock.... for $35, it isn't so bad....

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