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  1. Need 2 lower bowl tix. Preferrably in a section where we shoot 2X. Not looking for club seats. Will pay face. Shoot me a PM if you have any for sale.
  2. ECF Viewing Parties?

    Anything official scheduled yet for Game 1? My co-workers (all Devils fans) and I are thinking about hitting up Texas Arizona.
  3. Replica Brodeur mask?

    http://hackva.com/new_designs.php They make great, quality masks.. although a bit on the heavy side.
  4. 1st Ever Devils Army Road Trip

    Cool, we should be there at around the same time. We'll be pregaming in the parking lot (I'll be sporting my Claude Lemieux jersey) and will look for the bus!
  5. 1st Ever Devils Army Road Trip

    We're all actually driving out of NYC. What time will the bus be arriving at the Nassau Mausoleum? Is the tailgate still on?
  6. GDT Panthers @ Devils

    Chico "I play the flute" lol
  7. Devils at Rangers, Tuesday Feb 7

    Just got home from the game.... even the Rags fans where bewildered that Marty was playing like he was in his 20s again!
  8. 1st Ever Devils Army Road Trip

    3 of us got tix in 325 already and will be going as well! Looking forward to the tailgate! LGD!
  9. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    Jeez... another shorty
  10. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    Found a good stream here: http://www.realtvsport.com/channel-2.php
  11. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Ottawa Senators

    Any live stream? TWC customer here
  12. Looking for an Authentic Red or White Pro Player Size 48 jersey. Msg me if you or know someone that would be willing to sell!
  13. GDT: New Jersey @ Florida

    Tuh-leen-der WTF!

    Awesome win tonight. LoL.. Teddy is in awe of Deb Placey's MILFness.
  15. You're right about the service. I went in there prior to a game early in the season , and it took FOREVER to get my order. I also checked their Facebook page, and all the comments from the Devils fans about tonights cancellation magically "disappeared". If thats how they treat the HOME team, F it, they won't be getting my business anymore.