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  1. Need 2 lower bowl tix. Preferrably in a section where we shoot 2X. Not looking for club seats. Will pay face. Shoot me a PM if you have any for sale.
  2. bpcdev

    ECF Viewing Parties?

    Anything official scheduled yet for Game 1? My co-workers (all Devils fans) and I are thinking about hitting up Texas Arizona.
  3. http://hackva.com/new_designs.php They make great, quality masks.. although a bit on the heavy side.
  4. Cool, we should be there at around the same time. We'll be pregaming in the parking lot (I'll be sporting my Claude Lemieux jersey) and will look for the bus!
  5. We're all actually driving out of NYC. What time will the bus be arriving at the Nassau Mausoleum? Is the tailgate still on?
  6. Chico "I play the flute" lol
  7. Just got home from the game.... even the Rags fans where bewildered that Marty was playing like he was in his 20s again!
  8. 3 of us got tix in 325 already and will be going as well! Looking forward to the tailgate! LGD!
  9. Found a good stream here: http://www.realtvsport.com/channel-2.php
  10. Any live stream? TWC customer here
  11. Looking for an Authentic Red or White Pro Player Size 48 jersey. Msg me if you or know someone that would be willing to sell!
  12. Awesome win tonight. LoL.. Teddy is in awe of Deb Placey's MILFness.
  13. You're right about the service. I went in there prior to a game early in the season , and it took FOREVER to get my order. I also checked their Facebook page, and all the comments from the Devils fans about tonights cancellation magically "disappeared". If thats how they treat the HOME team, F it, they won't be getting my business anymore.
  14. I believe until I see the "e" next to their name in the standings.
  15. Loving that 70s porn background music to start the 2nd intermission! LGD!
  16. Another great time @ MM's! Even though I didn't win any prizes, it was for a good cause, and the free tix vs Atlanta were icing on the cake. My only gripe, and a minor one ... what happened to the deep-fried mac n cheese wedges?
  17. I want to see some passion and energy for a FULL 60 minutes! None of this strong "first 10 minutes of the game" play, then a letdown the rest of the game.
  18. 3 of us will be Rocking our Red in 335/Row K. Pre-gaming it at Stout on 33rd at 6PM!
  19. Organic Chemistry. I took that class (twice) over 15 years ago, and to this day, still have nightmares about it!
  20. Exclusive Pro is the best hands down! They even did a great job on my Bure jersey: Customized Jersey's from Exclusive Pro: http://s649.photobucket.com/albums/uu213/bpcdev/Jersey%20Collection/
  21. bpcdev


    Went to FNM on the Williamsburg Waterfront, Iron Maiden @ MSG, and have the American Carnage Tour (Slayer/Megadeth/Testament) coming up @ IZOD on Aug 12th \m/ For any Devs fans who also happen to be hard rock/metal fans, check out our website/facebook page: Horns Up Rocks We'll be sponsoring a few smaller shows in the city this year, as well as having cool events/giveaways.
  22. Not at all surprised. Most people out there, pundits included, looked at us vs a 7 seed that BARELY made it into the playoffs, and basically gave us an automatic pass to Round 2. So many posts out there saying we'll sweep or take the series in 5 were plausible if you compared both teams on paper. I knew it would be tougher, and predicted a 7 game series, with us taking it in 7 (so much for that!). Forget about the reg season record... any team with Pronger and a proven puck moving D-man like Timonen, plus Carter/Richards/Briere is not to be taken lightly. Watching how soft the Devs played, how they never took the body, plus their perception of 3rd-stringer Boucher in net ... the Devs did not take the Flyers seriously at all.
  23. Thats it! Lookin forward to the 2010-2011 season... lets hope we get better on D!
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