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  1. Are they doing the wristband tickets for the conference finals? I saw some people posted about the messs of line cutting aand douchebaggery thats out there. Ive gotten these tix in the past but never for the playoffs. Anyone who has gotten them so far, how many can you get and whats the cost. Did the price go up from round 1 to round 2? if so, can we assume it went up again or does someone know the price if they are in fact doing the wristband thing again. Go devils and thank the lord Kovi finally shot one in after the non-stop stick movement and passing. JUST SHOOT THE PUCK! (when they arent laying in front of you). GO DEVILS - RANGERS SUCK - FLYERS SWALLOW
  2. LivingThread

    New Tshirt

    A new tshirt. LETS GO DEVILS !!!!!!!! If you can ice skate and you're strong enough to hold your own hockey stick, WE ARE HIRING !!!!
  3. Fire Flag Brimestone Banner The Torched Towel The Forsaken Flag The Rockin' Rag The Horns n' Tail Towel The Brutal Banner The Red n' Black Rag The Attack Towel The Fire n' Ice Flag The Inferno Flag Rags Suck Rag The Rally Rag Towel of Terror raging rag flag of fire Fire Starter Rag of fire Hopefully a summer of hanging out thinking about the Hurricanes jogged your brains into a creative mode. This is the names out of the original posts that "could" be printed. Some werent included that used satan/devil(s) cause it just wont work. If one guy came up with 90% of the ideas, it seems to me you guys arent the most creative bunch lol ....j/k. But seriously. Is this the best we can come up with? If any of these are popping out at you like a signal ill take it to the next level. If you have any new ideas, post away. I can have these done in time for the 16th if need be.
  4. I have one of those towels from game one....with the Star Ledger and Red Cross advertising on it.....yeah ....great. Its crap. Its going to go with the rest of my free towels that hav no meaning. They arent something i would make sure i bring with me to every game. I dont know how to make a poll. Do i need to make a new thread for the poll? I wanted to avoid flag and rag because it ryhmes with homosexual slang. Rag of Fire = "Fhag on Fire"
  5. I need advice to decide what to print. no one has even agreed is the best of the ideas submitted. i dont want to just start printing something that maybe 4-5 people will like. can we come up with a top 5 and narrow it down from there? can we post a poll? I was ready to go with something for next season anyway. Rushing it to production when its not the right one could end up just making it harder to get a new tradition started.
  6. Have you guys exhausted your brains ??
  7. see page 1 or 2 with the marketing guys towel. I understand what youre saying about the word "flame" being turned into "Flames" (calg.) and "Flamer". Kind of along the lines of using the word "flag" cause it can be used as Ranger fan douche bag: "Yeah, keep waving your stupid ___ fhag" Another word i was thinking about is temperature. So if anyone can use that word in a cool way, go for it. The way its going right now is it looks like this will be a 2009-2010 tradition. It doesnt mean dont keep the ideas coming, but i dont want to rush something to market that fails and i end up losing money on the project. Ive been thinking about this for a long while so an extra off season wont hurt. I ordered some towels as a sample from a wholesale company the other day. This specific brand comes with a clip that would allow you to hook it onto your belt loop to prevent you/me from losing it. I personally like the clip, but as a previous poster said....he gets pissed when someone is swinging a towel in his face. I dont want some drunk fool swinging it by the wrong end and smacking someone else in the eye with it. I dont know if thats a "user error" kind of thing or not. If you have any input on that idea or situation, let me know. Thanks for all the ideas.....keep them coming. I give you my word the idea that the "fans" select.....and the guy who created it wont be left behind. You guys will all get one free and me and I will make sure the guy who had the idea is happy with the partnership WE come up with. So, please, keep the ideas coming. Thanks Mike
  8. Unless they are allowed to leave mid-day, most get there long before that (like 8-9am).
  9. what does THE REAl nj devil look like? is there a standard look?
  10. Ive been watching some draft converage (as usual) and now i see Mel Kiper always starting a war of words with Todd McShay. Is Kiper a little worried they are bringing in some new blood? Anyway, Im a Packers fan and they draft #9 this year. Only our second top 10 pick in like twenty years or something. We need a lot of things, but i would like to see a DT or maybe a DE. I think we can go with our secondary for another year or two. Whats up with your team and your picks? crap...can a mod move this to the right space. I though ti clicked into the right area but apperntly not.
  11. a multicolor towel is fine with me, but it will cost you more because it costs me more to produce.
  12. enough said :-) contact jsonnabend if you want more info on legit legal questions.
  13. Turns out we have a member here who is also a member on a board i was referred to by a buddy. The other site has a ton of information on this kind of thing and maybe he will come in and help us get this done. Im sure he will have much to say about why it can or cant be done, and why im wrong
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