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  1. Some missed opportunties in hitting the back of the net as this should have been an easier win. The defensive breakdown ruining a shutout was ugly, but overall a solid effort.
  2. A one year, rather inexpensive deal could not hurt as perhaps Gomez finds his passion again. With Scott Stevens behind the bench I really don't see any player (blue liner or forward) dogging it. I've heard that he's looking to sign with San Jose, I assume to have a short plane ride up to Alaska.
  3. To say that the ticket sales at The Rock have been disappointing may be a bit of an understatement. The lack of marketing has always been one of the very few negatives to a very successful organization...on the ice that is. The blockbuster Kovachuk deals signals the end of an era for the New Jersey Devils. The shutdown defense of blueliners Stevens, Niedermayer, Daneyko, etc., are long gone. Marty is in the home stretch of his brilliant HOF career. The team concept still remains and it will as long as Lou is in command, but now the time has arrived to showcase the Devils talent so look for a heavy dose of Brodeur, Parise and Kovalchuk ads, commercials, etc., to market this franchise and build up ticket sales. You won't see the ridiculous over-hyped garbage that comes out of MSG year after year devoted to marginaly talented hockey and basketball teams but you will see a difference. The playmaking d-men (Niedermayer, Raphalski and now Martin) have left over the years and Lou understands he needs firepower to suceed. Did Lou want Kovy? Absolutely. For that type of contract? Not a chance so in steps Vanderbeek who knows the Nets didn't acquire Lebron and they are going to relocate to Brooklyn, the heyday of big name bands is starting to wane so concert sales won't be as lucrative.....Jeff needs to fill the arena and he saw the need to have a marquee player beyond a goal tender who will bring out new fans to see live games. This is was a business decision, pure and simple, from ownership. Lou understands the economics but sees it as a team building transaction. Vanderbeeks sees it as the shot in the arm for revenue. Hopefully they won't blow this golden opportunity to really market and showcase one of sports most successful organizations.
  4. Who cares about a press conference? The rest of us are chomping at the bit for the start of the season. An entire camp and pre-season with Kovy as well as the signings of Volchnkov and Tallinder will provide this season's squad with a bit of new look. Plus the young Swedes, Arnott back in the Red......should be exciting!
  5. You'll respect him if he gives you 50/50/100 next season.
  6. JS Giguere was booed loudly at the old Byrne in 2003 during the Conn Symthe presentation. The boos only died down after the crowd began to chant "MARTY'S BETTER!" I remember that game like it was yesterday. The fans booed because even though Giguere had an amazing run to get to the Finals, Marty had a Finals performance for the ages. 3 shutouts including a Game 7 blanking. There is nothing like a Game 7 and to have Marty shut Anaheim out to win the Dev's third Cup, truly remarkable. Brodeur also suffered as the Conn Symthe votes were split between several Devils including Stevens, Niedermayer, Friesen, etc. Philly fans are the worst in sports. Always have been, always will be. Hence the term, Philthydelphia.
  7. TheIceDog


    Now I understand all the stories of an older generation watching Mickey Mantle play for the Yankees. When you watch the greatest's entire career it's quite extraordinary.
  8. TheIceDog


    Being a witness to greatness never gets boring. Thanks Marty.
  9. Actually very confident although presently, as for the majority of the season, the Rangers are out of the playoffs and look to begin another decade long streak of missing the post season. The Flyers? An organization that hasn't won in 35 years? Sorry, no fear there. Yes, as always, the Devils are an elite team who tied the Montreal Canadiens NHL consecutive 40+ win toal this season. They should rap up another divisional title and finish as the second seed in the Eastern Conference. Brodeur wins his 600th, along with his 110th shutout, after consecutive no-hitters on the road.......oh this is terrible!
  10. His rips from the left circle remind me of Mario.....devastating.
  11. Nice toe to toe as The Rock went nuts.
  12. It seems to me that this may be the beginning of another decade stretch of the Rangers missing the playoffs. Such a shame. Good thing for baseball and football for NYC as it's just yet another disappointment for all NY Rags and NY Bricks fans.
  13. LMAO!! That is too funny! The former Bergen County Evening Record, now just The Record (or The Rag to so many), may be pro Bergen County but is definitely NOT pro New Jersey professional sports teams. The overwhelming majority of their sports reporters and editors are a third rate collection of frustrated wanna-be New York City journalists. The Record has NEVER supported neither the Devils nor the Nets. Even while they both not only played in Bergen County but bore the New Jersey name, unlike the Giants, Jets or Red Bulls. The Record has been, is currently and will continue to always be, the same as it has been......a joke.
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