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  1. Let's go Boys!!!! Also....Didn't see this posted. Class move by Marty!
  2. Simply amazing it's been this long. I've been following this team since it's inception and if I took anything away from this article it's this. We are truly some lucky fans! http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/29/sports/hockey/brodeurs-tenure-stands-out-in-landscape-rich-with-resilience.html?_r=1&
  3. Helene St. James‏@HeleneStJames Hearing UFA ex-Wing Damien Brunner may be talking to Dallas (Jim Nill knows him) and New Jersey, possibly also Vancouver. https://twitter.com/HeleneStJames/status/378156030850387968
  4. Guess that answers the question.
  5. Kind of how I feel, the more I try to rap my mind around it the more it sucks. But I believe Lou will do everthing he can to get us back. It seems that we are always up against it and he seems to find a way. I hope he can do it again.
  6. Dan Rosen ‏@drosennhl 5m Fact is that the Devils got worse today -- and they weren't all that great to begin with. Next season could be tough for NJD fans. Coming out of the wood work now!!
  7. Can't believe this happened, It's just a betrayal to not only the Devils franchise and our fans, but to the NHL period!
  8. Oh Boy!! Hearing rumors of Alexei Ponikarovsky's trade out of WPG. NJD perhaps? Checking.' class="bbc_url">@Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie Hearing rumors of Alexei Ponikarovsky's trade out of WPG. NJD perhaps? Checking.
  9. Why wouldn't he just wait until tomorrow if this is an update on Zubrus? Weird!
  10. My two cents....Kovy is an emotional guy, he's involved in the community over there, not to mention he's there Captain. I'm sure they don't want him to go and he feels obligated to see what he started thru. I could be wrong but I just think he doesn't want to look like a guy who decided to play over there until the lockout was over than hop on the next flight to Jersey leaving all of them high and dry!
  11. Basically...TG wanted access to the Coaches and players before training camp opens. And Lou said no!! in other words........"Status Quo"
  12. Looks like TG is a little upset w/ Lou and the Devils Organization... Tom Gulitti ‏@TGfireandice I just pleaded with Lou Lamoriello to change that policy because of circumstances coming out of the lockout and he heard me out and said no. Tom Gulitti ‏@TGfireandice Lockouts come and lockouts go (and come and go, and come and go), but some things never change. Tom Gulitti ‏@TGfireandice I for the life of me wouldn't know why a fan would be satisfied with that, but if you are, that's your choice, I guess. Tom Gulitti ‏@TGfireandice IF Devs are happy with their relationship with their fans, number of tickets they sell & not worried about lockout fallout, why should I be?
  13. I'm glad, how some people can compare Patty to Pronger and what he did I'll never know.
  14. Don't know where else to post this and I don't know if it has been already but this season highlight video is outstanding!
  15. Per Єklund (2.3% accurate) ... On Kovalchuk and the Islanders.. The big news we can finally discuss is surrounding NJ today, where there is some wild speculation that the team could sign Parise and trade Kovalchuk to be able to be in a better position to sell the franchise. I was told about this by various sources earlier in the week, but now it's been intensifying...to say the least...Who could take on kovalchuk's contract? Who is interested? I was told four teams...The Wild, the Red Wings, the Islanders and the Canadiiens... Many will dismiss this as being a crazy rumor...It sounds crazy, it may not happen, but I can assure you...it isn't. The Wild are going to make a splash and if not Parise why not Ilya? The Red Wings have all sorts of money and NEVER shy away from getting top, elite talent. The Canadiens have a need to get a star player on board, but taxes would take a big chunk from Kovalchuk's salary...however it could possibly be made up for in endorsement revenue...(interesting dilemma here..If Molson were to pay Kovy an endorsement contract to make up for lost money in taxes, would that be circumventing the CBA? And would the Islanders, who have really looked to be a team setting themselves up to sell, take on such a contract? It made me chuckle.....
  16. Puck Daddy just re tweeted this.. OMG HE SAID "US" ‪#StillGoingToPitt‬ RT @JoshRimerHockey Parise on Oates hiring, "He will do a great job there. It is a big loss for us... OMG HE SAID "US" #StillGoingToPitt RT @JoshRimerHockey Parise on Oates hiring, "He will do a great job there. It is a big loss for us... — Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski) June 26, 2012
  17. Well the same year we slay the Dragon we draft his kid! Oh and by the way he was born in 1994. Full circle indeed!
  18. Well I haven't posted a lot this playoff run, my superstitions simply wouldn't let me. I am so proud of this team and the fight they showed thru out the entire run. I for one am going to take a step back and lick my wounds. Thank You Devils!!
  19. Per TG, Told by a Devils' official that tonight's game is a sellout. Last ticket was sold within last 10 minutes. https://twitter.com/#!/TGfireandice/status/192336535880863745
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