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  1. Unfortunately this is not my PC, it's out for repairs, as soon as it's fixed I'll post the pics.
  2. I recently bought a Devil's reebok edge jersey, the seller said it was authentic but I have my doubts, It has the fight strap and the NHL collar is black not red and the neck tag is black and it says authentic jersey. But the crest logo is a little puffy. It feels authentic cause it's pretty heavy can you guys tell me what you think?
  3. I wish the NHL would go back to the 6100 series and dump the edge. I recently bought a reebok edge Devil's jersey and compared it with the game Martin Brodeur set the record for most wins if it is the same jersey then the Edge is far more inferior!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks, let me know if you have sz. 56-60.
  5. I'm a sz. 56- 60 and I want it to be authentic, I checked ebay so far no luck! But thanks for replying.
  6. Hi, Im looking for the authentic black vintage jerseys with the red on the shoulders.
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