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  1. Best NJ Devil you Met

    I met Bernie Nicholls in 1993 and he was hands-down the coolest hockey player I ever met. A personal favorite ever since, especially considering the situation he was going through at the time. His son, who was 2 years old or younger, had leukemia or something like that, and eventually passed away a couple months later. For a guy to be going through the emotional wringer like that, and to still be friendly (and hilariously funny), that says a lot to me. Craig Billington once asked me who my favorite player was, and I replied "Richer." He told me I should have said "Craig Billington."
  2. Rock Solid

    The Newark Bears play at Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium, which is about a 20 minute walk down Broad Street from the arena, give or take a few minutes. It has zero bearing on the development around the Rock, and could use some development in its vicinity itself. The Bears don't draw flies, and it's really sad, because I rather like the park. A horrible atmosphere from all the ghosts in attendance makes me want to not go though. Brooklyn Cyclones for me.
  3. Food around the Rock

    Fernandes is the bomb. hey've got jumbo shrimp the size of your head. It's been a while, so here's a slew of new foodie posts over at Glocally. Anyone got a recommendation on where to get a good cheese steak? I'm running a lil competition, looking for the best... Broad Street Cafe McGovern's Random Foodie Notes (John's Pizza, Cafe Side Dish and more) Back to Golden City! (The Chinese place across from Arena Lounge) Spanish Tavern (Highly recommended!)
  4. Throwback jerseys are out!

    On my way home from work, I passed the Devils team store. The jerseys are out peeps!
  5. Food around the Rock

    Thanks for the recommendations, guys. I've been to Fernandes a few times, though its never been covered in Glocally. I am in love with everything about that place form the sangria down to the rodizio. Conversely, I don't care for McWhorters. At all. Part of it is that meat on a bone is too much a pain in the ass, and the other part is that I simply don't think it's anything to write home about. Meanwhile, I've been exploring the University Street area by Rutgers, and here's a couple places that were worthwhile: University Cafe (Gyros) Robert's Pizza
  6. Food around the Rock

    It's been a while since I've posted in this thread, but it's not for lack of eating, that's for sure. Here's an onslaught of eating experiences over the past month or so at some different places, both old and new: Gyro Hero (Street meat gyro) Reader Tips Pay Off #1 (Another gyro post) Soup's On (different soups around the area) Harvest Happy (salads and wraps) Neva Goin' Back (Worst/funniest food experience ever) The Kilkenny's Experiment (Average food, cheap beer) The Story of Francesca's (Good Italian) Pumpkin Spice vs Pumpkin Spice (TM Ward coffee or Brick City coffee?) Happy reading!
  7. Brick City Cafe

    BCCC is okay, but TM Ward, down the street near City Hall, blows it away... http://glocallynewark.com/2009/12/pumpkin-spice-coffee-vs-pumpkin-spice-coffee/
  8. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Fernandes is great. And there's so many other places that warrant mention. I can't wait to take a day off from work and spend it on gluttony around town.
  9. Revitalization Around The Rock

    Phew... Heady stuff. I will stick to stuffing my fat face.
  10. Revitalization Around The Rock

    You're more in the know about things like this than I am, but I feel like, more than anything, there's just this logjam/stalemate/game of chicken being played in regard to selling property in the downtown area. Are the current owners just too stubborn to be the first to sell, risking the loss of a lot more money down the line as land is redeveloped and property values climb (similar to the renaissance in Hoboken and areas of Brooklyn, etc), or is that a gross oversimplification of things? (In addition to the Cogswell mess...)
  11. Revitalization Around The Rock

    I whipped up a quick Christmas List for Newark. Feel free to add your two cents/Newark wish list here.
  12. Food around the Rock

    A few local eatery updates for those of you that care for such things: Cellar Cafe (right across from Penn Station) Who has the better Brick City Burger? Hell's Kitchen or BCBG? Do you like terrible Moroccan cuisine? Go here! This is how I add fluff to meet my monthly blog quota for my editor...
  13. Cellar Cafe isn't bad...

  14. Food around the Rock

    "Menu: Great selection of various coffees, other hot drinks, and juices. It's pretty similar to Starbucks. They also have specials for the season (right now is Pumpkin Spice Latte and Carmel Apple Latte for autumn). They also offer a good array of desserts as well as pre-made sandwiches and salads. The brownie blew me away! Prices: Fantastic prices! It's Starbucks quality coffee at a much much lower price. After games they even offer their signature "Brick City Latte" at $2 for the regular size. I'll be stopping there for that deal after almost every home game from now on. The food is also extremely well priced. Quality: Like I said, it's premium stuff at a very low price. You really can't beat the value Atmosphere: It's small and quiet, which is nice after an intense game of hockey. They have a Parise autographed picture on the wall as well as 2 TV's and pictures of Newark. Bathrooms are also very clean. Overall: I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. This place is a gem and it's amazing that it's not packed after every game (probably because it hasn't caught on yet). The prices makes the food/drinks a steal! Plus, that post-game $2 latte special is fantastic. I really encourage everyone to check it out before or after the next home game. You will definitely go back. Anyone else that has been there care to comment?" It is a good selection. I love the frozen hot chocolate. The prices are most certainly not "low" though (aside from any specials du jour they are running), especially for the food. Also, there is no atmosphere in there. They have the same stools as the Goal Bar. That does not strike me as a cozy coffee shop's MO. A better atmosphere would include some couches to lounge on. Moving on, for all your commuters that take 280 back home after the game, you may have passed this place driving up Lafayette Street, at the intersection perpendicular to Washington... I'll say this, it's not good.
  15. Food around the Rock

    I thought Dickie Dee's was pretty good, but I've run into a number of naysayers. That said, here's the latest double-dog shack I visited, a new place in the Ironbound called Fat Pat's. Thanks for the great segue, Bulletproof!