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  1. Happy Birthday Dew

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donna!!!!! You have a real one this year! I'll give you a call later tonight. Have an awesome day! Hugs, MaryAnn
  2. Stevens Signing Tonight

  3. I Have Seen The Cup!

    Wow Zam sounds totally awesome! What a great story! You go girl!
  4. Video Is Out

    They also had a contest on 101.5 Friday night they gave away a few of them. I was in the car with my daughter and didn't have my cell phone! ugh!
  5. Funny Cartoons

    By the way great cartoons!
  6. Funny Cartoons

    Dang was there a meeting yesterday? I missed it! Sheesh no one told me about it.
  7. RIP Roger Neilson

    His passing is a big loss to hockey fans every where. Roger you fought a brave and hard fight. So many people all over the world were touched by you. To your friends and family I send my thoughts and prayers.
  8. More Arrogant Comments

    Absolutely! I use to live in Bergen county about 10 mins from the CAA. Now I live in Middlesex county. There are many more Devil fans here. Central Jersey is definitely Devil Country! Those poooooor people that have to commute to Philly! Ewwwwwwwwe! At least NYC is THE city! No comparison in my mind. Has anyone noticed that Philly suffers from this second best syndrome? Makes me chuckle all the time. They just hate NYC.
  9. Ha So We Are The Only Classless Fans

    Yep can you believe that one??? Now I would bet if I went to their board they would have a post calling Devils fans classless. Oh well...... who cares we got da cup! I am sure it has happened several times throughout the years. But of course since we are New Jersey we get the most grief. Hey we can handle it!
  10. Fans Wanting Respect

    I loved the article! Thanks for posting it! Having a party is definitely lots more fun. It seems to evolve more and more every time too!
  11. Ha So We Are The Only Classless Fans

    Check out this article........ http://www.hhof.com/html/exSCJ_02.shtml Here is a quick summary. Oh well looks like Devils fans are not the only ones. Boston actually booed the Stanley Cup! I am sure that these are NOT the only 2 times. On April 20, 1958, the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Bruins 5-3 in Boston to win the Stanley Cup. The visiting team's victory was greeted with a torrent of boos pouring down from the stands. Cooper Smeaton, one of the two Stanley Cup trustees, was appalled at the reaction of the Boston fans. In a letter to fellow trustee, Mervyn 'Red' Dutton, Smeaton wrote, "The behaviour of the fans at the end of the final game for the Stanley Cup in Boston last Sunday when the president of the league, Clarence Campbell, endeavoured to present the Cup, confirmed my thinking that no presentation should ever be made on the ice at the conclusion of any Cup series. After all, the Cup is the emblem of the World Championship and there should be some dignity in connection with the presentation. I think it should be done either at a public function such as a banquet, or a private dinner. In Boston, Senator Molson and Frank Selke tried to say something over the air but the (crowd was) making so much noise that they gave up and I think it was a downright disgrace. I fully realize the value of publicity if it is good, but I don't think the (negative fan reaction) such as on Sunday is good publicity and if proper policing of the crowd which would make it possible to have a dignified presentation is not possible, then it should be discontinued and made elsewhere."
  12. Just wanted to wish all the Dad's here on the Devils forum a fantastic Fathers Day!!! So how many of you got Devil Merchandise for gifts today? I say perfect timing!
  13. God Is A Devil Fan!

    for our celebration. With all the dismal rainy days we have had this year today is absolutely perfect! I won't be there but I just wanted to wish all of you going a fantastic time. I was there is 1995 and it was fantastic. Have fun and take lots of pictures! NEW JERSEY DEVILS STANLEY CUP CHAMPS AGAIN!!!!
  14. Philly Board

    You know how the heck can an Islander fan say anything about lack of a fan base? Excuuuuuuuuse me? They need to look in the mirror. What is that bs anyhow? I laugh my butt off everytime I see a ilse fan talk about our lack of fan support. Sheesh....... Jealousy and nothing else to say I guess.
  15. Devils Fans Get Ripped For Booing Giguere

    Well I guess I have to come to Jiggs defense after poking around the boards I found out that his mom is very sick and she is dying. He wanted to win the cup for her before she died. He even said he was thinking of his mom during the whole game. I don't see anything wrong with him crying. We all remember Marty doing that when he lost to the Rags in 94. OT game 7 remember? I 'll never forget him just flat out on the ice in tears. So I say lets not make fun of him for crying seems like he had some pretty valid reasons to cry.