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  1. hey guys, i play goalie in field hockey, thinking of getting a bauer 9900 helmet and cage combo. Does anyone use this and how much of a whack could the cage take?
  2. Thanks guys am a student, don't have that kind of money to blow on something when i'll miss most games
  3. Hi everyone, being in australia means i don't get many NHL games on TV, is there a good stream to watch games on?
  4. this is how my team is lining up about 10 games into the 1st season kov-zajac-parise zuburus-arnott-langs perkovich-tedenby-clarkson Comier-LeBlond-zharkov Phaneuf-Volchenkov Kabraele-tallinder salmela - eckford
  5. why do i have to wait another week in australia, so much for the global market
  6. NHL - Devs English league 1 soccer - Sheffield Wednesday A-league soccer - Melbourne Victory Victorian state league soccer - Moreland Field hockey - Brunswick
  7. it looks like it's going kind of mouldy
  8. what is the best way to wash elbow pads? (rbk 5k) just stick them in the washing machine?
  9. NHL 11 is awesome, no big changes, but just little things make it feel more realistic
  10. Dave30

    Favorite albums

    bliss n eso - running on air
  11. yeah same one, it's rebranded as versus in australia for some reason
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