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  1. I was blessed to have 3 seats from 1994---2006.......we saw the best Devils teams ever and feel for those of you who have never seen anything but the total sh!t this organization puts on the ice now. I hope in the near future they can find a legit goalie and seasoned D men. The wins will come if they can fill those major problems. Until then save your money.
  2. Add holding a lead to the long list of issues
  3. Four unanswered goals.....Way to go guys,
  4. How to piss away a game 101....And its not over yet.
  5. You know V V is going to play lights out the rest of the season.
  6. He'll be in charge of the maintenance crew / Zamboni driver.
  7. I'd much rather Steve Allen.....Mel Allen or Debbie Allen......This guy was done when he was the back up in St.Louis.
  8. Too little too late as the seasons over already....Find new coach in the off season and once again start over.
  9. Hey now......Can't you hear the fat lady singing......This team This year has been a major embarrassment from the coach to the underachieving player.....Total sh!t show. Not much to look forward to either....We are so far from seeing a cup win.....Could take years. We suck and if you disagree then you haven't watched this disaster of a team enough. We had such hope even thought we new our goaltending was iffy. Another year pissed away.
  10. Owners are making a fortune......Fvck the fans.....They will stay with Ruff.
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