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  1. I hope you handle real life problems better....This really has little bearing on your life other then the cost of a new laptop if you decide to let it rip.
  2. On our way to 9 straight losses......Yah baby
  3. This is getting old fast...Same old sh!t
  4. And we had such high hopes of his kid turning into him ...So glad I had my seats from 92---04 my timing couldn't have been better to be a Devils fan,we saw the best Devils play.
  5. Yet its in the books and still makes me puke. I will never understand his need to be anything but a Devil.....8 fvcking games.
  6. Soon everyone has to stay home...,no work...,no school and we'll all starve to death.
  7. We get lite up as Cory couldn't stop a beach ball sadly.....5-2 Wings
  8. I wish Jack would get rolling.....Hope he doesn't turn into a bust.
  9. We fvcking suck......Hard to believe this is how this season turned out.
  10. So Cory isn't going to play lights out the rest of the way .
  11. Bring in Gretzky as coach and GM and complete the Mickey Mouse Franchise.
  12. Like the team wasn't a big enough laughing stock around the league....No coach....No GM....And owners with no clue.
  13. We haven't improved at all so getting beat nightly is nothing new....We suck...Period
  14. Haynes......Happy Hall......Happy Devils fans....Still dealing with sh!t
  15. That's 3 boys.....Things are looking up after moving those two problems.
  16. Its the beginning of our cup run.....Thank you sir,may I have another.
  17. I agree.....This is our coach the of the season.
  18. What coach would want to come here to try and coach this pile of dog sh!t ?
  19. As of now they certainly are a Mickey Mouse team.
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