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  1. Sent some $'s your way. Keep up the good work!
  2. Nah. That was done by the book. The free agent rules were very strict at the time - they were essentially forced trades. If the team losing the player didn't accept the other teams' compensation, they could counter with their own proposed compensation. If that was in turn rejected, it went to arbitration where one of the two compensation arrangements would be picked. St. Louis had to compensate for signing Shanahan and the Devils made the case that Rod Brind'amour and Curtis Joseph were useless to them. Hence, Scott Stevens.
  3. Yeah, he was one of the media relations/PR flacks for the club back in the '80's. During the '88 playoff doughnut incident, I remember him wearing these big coke bottle glasses, reading many official team statements to the media.
  4. What about Lindy Ruff? Sabres haven't advanced the past few years either but I always find their style of play exciting. After last night he may be history in Buffalo.
  5. I'm torn - it's a toss up between Craig Wolanin, Eric Weinrich, and Reijo Ruotsalainen. They all wore #5. If I have to pay by the letter, Reijo is out.
  6. Go BU! I wanted to get down to DC but passover got in the way. I need to go heathen so this doesn't happen again...
  7. Ahh the memories. I was a freshman in high school and I just remember freaking out when MacLean scored. My mom got pissed for making noise (she didn't like it when I watched the Devils and thought all hockey players were animals). On a side note, I recently watched a retrospective on the NHL Network on the '91 Devils-Pens series. Despite losing in 7, the old highlights are terrific. I got pumped every time MacLean scored and furious when Boschman's goal got waived off in game 6. Yes, still bitter 17 years later.
  8. Proof on 20th & 3rd and the Bulls Head Tavern on 22 & 3rd often have Devils games on, actually.
  9. Is there a bar in the restaurant that doesn't require reservations? The Pru Center website says there is a bar menu that is available at all times in the bar. However, when I went to the restaurant on opening night, they said I could only get in with a reservation and the only bars were the Goal bar and the club seat lounges. I want to get a real drink at the game, not a beer.
  10. Not even Jiggy's over-sized equipment could stop that one. G*d how I loathe him.
  11. Section 2, Row 11, on the aisle.
  12. Don't worry, there's still plenty of options. I got a call Tuesday to upgrade my Mezzanine (Yellow) seats to the lower deck. They had plenty available on the end where the Devils attack twice in both the Red and Granite sections. I got two seats in Section 2, row 11, on the aisle. Row 11 is the first row of Granite seats, so getting fairly close but for $20 less per seat than the Red section.
  13. Add two more season tix. I just got placed in the Mezzanine, section 109, row 1. I spoke to Kelly in the ticket office and she was extremely helpful. She said there's still some shuffling going on with placing continuing full season ticket holders in the lower level. Once that gets straightened out, there will be availability in the Red and Granite sections. Depending on what's available, I may trade up to the lower level but these seats are looking nice.
  14. That one's on Brodeur. Terrible play giving it up.
  15. Dammit - we're letting this slip away here with sloppy play.\ Nice getting it back! Gio!
  16. The behavior of the Flames was reprehensible - primarily McLennan. The coach should have reigned them in but they made asses of themselves. On a side note, Pierre McGuire is just an awful commentator. His bench commentary is dreadful. McLennan should have slashed him instead. I can't wait to listen to him during the game tomorrow.
  17. The buses from the 42nd St. Port Authority to the arena will leave from "Area X", which is 41st between 8th & 9th. They usually do this when they expecting a higher than normal number of passengers to the game (which is a good sign - hopefully a sellout). Also, get there early since Friday evening tunnel traffic is insane.
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