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  1. Man, these late games really make me impatient. A little worried about whatever makeshift lineup is out there tonight. We'll need another big performance from Moose. LGD!!!!!!!!!
  2. Wait, wait, wait..... Bruno Mars? Really? LGD! Section 229, row 1 (well, 2, but you know what I mean).
  3. LGD!!!! Microwavepizza, you are the sh*t! Thanks man. Same link and password as last season?
  4. I'm down! Finished 8th in 09-10, 4th last season. Next step is taking 1st.
  5. There's gotta be more to this. We had enough room to have any combination of players between the NHL and AHL.
  6. Had far too realistic a dream that I had gotten up this morning, checked Twitter, saw we had a long-term deal on the table that fell through, and that Zach would test the FA market after next season because of it. So I woke up, saw nothing on Zach, and was happy to see no news for the first time in awhile.
  7. Jacques, please tell me you've been lying this whole time.
  8. Love yelling "Mooooooose!" at every big save. Can't blame her.
  9. sportsnetbroph Although Devils say no, good source insists Guy Carbonneau is leading candidate to be new head coach.
  10. Not even. He's only 23. But he's gotta stop fighting so much or he's not gonna make it. Or at least learn how to not get hurt every time he fights.
  11. renhockey #oilers Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 3 years / 2.498 total + 277 500 SB (2 way) So at least Larsson will be cheaper than that. Some people expected Larsson to be around $3M.
  12. Sounds like Larsson will play for us this year. If this is the case, Lou better be pushing Rolston hard on several teams right now.
  13. You hope he doesn't become a Rangers casualty? For him not to, he's gonna have to succeed in NY. I will pray every night that he turns out exactly like Holik, Gomez, Drury, etc., especially since he has the same cap hit as Kovalchuk.
  14. White is in a contract year, so he won't be holding up a spot for too long. With all our talented, young D-men, I highly doubt he is retained next year.
  15. This scared the hell out of me last night. It was also far more believable because I was at the bar.
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