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  1. Yep. The level of play varies greatly. You have some kids just fresh off a junior season and old guys who haven't picked up a stick in 10 years.
  2. This phone rules so hard. I can't imagine going back to my old enV (original...by the way) after using this for a month now. Daily I think to myself, wow this phone is smart.
  3. Definitely. The ice quality is top notch there...just below Amerihealth imo...probably because it's so new. Locker rooms are a bit cramped though.
  4. Pretty nice time. That's when the Floyd Hall times are and kinda far from me.
  5. Any of you guys play open ice hockey in the area? I've been playing weekend afternoons at Floyd Hall and Tuesday nights at Skylands.
  6. hahahaha now that sounds like a plan. I have a season pass already too. Can't get away from lines.
  7. For $500 I think most people would like the shipping to be thrown in...just sayin.
  8. Wow I shopped around for a while and there were still a ton of bags left.
  9. I miss the line<3 Only 3 more months til I get to wait in the blistering cold.
  10. For me it was the auto sync on Facebook, weather, gmail, twitter, etc. When the app checks for updates every 5 minutes even when its sleeping you're gonna destroy your battery. That and lowering the brightness to ~30%
  11. Nope. You can get it..it was in beta for a while...just search around. http://www.knowyourmobile.com/smartphones/smartphoneapps/News/513158/swype_now_available_on_android_for_free.html I absolutely love my DInc. Phone is absolutely perfect. Once you tweek your settings right you can get a good 20+ hour charge from the battery.
  12. I'd still prefer some new replies in my thread. Keeps it active aka more people looking at my tickets! Thanks guy Common courtesy on an internet forum lollllll
  13. Making my thread go to the top = bumping Also this makes me a toolbox?
  14. Yeah, there's no rules per se against bumping though. I know its in poor taste, but I need to get these tickets out. Thanks for the free bumps now though!
  15. How is it ripping anyone off? The tickets are still way under face? To my knowledge paying $70>paying $115
  16. Ate there once with my friend and her rich parents. Got some free clam chowder. Can't complain.
  17. Well, announced 13k. Which is usually deadly in terms of people in the seats. Eh. I wouldn't say a STH waiting list is too far fetched. I'd say we're just entering the first generation of true Devil fans coming up through college. Since we're only 28 years old and our success just started in the 90's we're finally seeing the young fans come up and get STHs. I know that when I get a real job out of college I'll have seasons. I'm at about 25-30 a year regardless though. $10 seats save me.
  18. I'd say no goal, no penalty since while Travis didn't intentionally hit him, he didn't try to avoid him either.
  19. I got my CCM from Modell's. They gave me my two tickets and I went home. Tried it on again and decided it was way too big for me so i went back. Ended up with a Medium when I'm usually a large in RBKs. When I went to check out, they gave me 2 more tickets for the game. My friend also did the same thing I did so now we have 8 lower deck seats and 2 uppers for that game
  20. I mean, they do reward the STHs with added benefits like meet and greets and such. The problem with saying no lower than STH pricing is economics. Supply and demand. There's a reason why they're giving away free lower deck seats for the CBJ game next week. They're the 5th worst team in the league and its a weekday. Without free tickets, it would be a 13,000 game most likely. This I read as, we're having a special night and we want the house PACKED to the brim. Not just typical sell out of all upper sections and some empty lower/balcony seats. They want wall to wall people. Which is awesome on the Devil's part. Just my .02
  21. I got 2 extras, not quite a pair but close to each other, I put em up on ebay though.
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