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  1. I come to this message board to shoot the sh!t with other Devils fans for relaxation, nothing more. Do I quote stats and know the details of the game as much as others? Most definitely not. Do I see the need to thoroughly study the game or get into the details? No. If others do, then cool. Everyone enjoys the experience in their own way. Again, it's a game played by millionaires who dont give a fvck about you, yet you get so worked up over statements I've made about wanting to see an enforcer on the team that you feel the need to mock me in previous posts because well...I'll leave that up to the psychologists. If my posts about enforcers annoy you, then ignore them and move on. See how easy that is? As for crying like a little bitch? I'm simply disagreeing with your statements from this game and the night before (especially the night before) and firing back. As for sh!t talking and acting like a bitch, I'm not the one starting arguments with complete strangers while sitting behind a keyboard in complete safety and anonymity. Get a grip, there's more important things in life.
  2. Dude that was def funny, the Ron Jeremy reference. Well done lol
  3. Who the hell is mentioning Scott Stevens? I just made a lighthearted comment about Bahl watching tape of a former 6'6" NHL'er who was a hell of a player. I get it, arguing with complete strangers over the internet and acting like an angry 14 year old is your schtick. It's a game played by grown men who dont give a sh!t about you, lighten the fvck up.
  4. Im happy trust me Nothing wrong with wanting to see the guy become a kickass defenseman who mauls people
  5. Bahl needs to start watching tape of Chris Pronger to see how a big man uses his size.
  6. Next time we play Florida activate Geersten with explicit instructions to knock out Tkachuk
  7. He said the team shot itself in the foot on a night when Carolina didnt even play well. He sounded annoyed too. It was more the tone of his voice... very unlike him.
  8. Dano finally sounding like a realist lol. What's going on?
  9. Nico better wear extra padding vs FLA because they're absolutely going to tee off on him knowing none of his teammates will do a thing about it
  10. If he keeps disappearing it might be less than that.
  11. When the team was winning and opponents were teeing off on our stars, yes...having a tough player on the team was considered a "nice to have". Who wouldnt want a goon protecting Jack? When the team is losing, that request takes a back seat obviously. Why are you so angry? Chill out and enjoy the game.
  12. Hopefully we'll be the first! Gotta make historical records somehow.
  13. Reaves is a bum. Tom Wilson? Definitely. But that was three weeks ago. Lol.
  14. Look at the bright side, we might have a chance at a top 5 draft pick again in a very deep draft.
  15. 8? It could very likely be an 11-game losing streak soon enough.
  16. Bahl is 6'6" and never uses his size. Teach the kid to be a bruiser already!
  17. Holtz + '23 1st rnd pick for Timo Meir. Severson for Tom Wilson. Haula, Boqvist, Tatar for a case of Piels.
  18. Has any team gone from first place in December to missing the playoffs? Would be a fun stat to pull up.
  19. He could have gone 5 hole and scored too. Uggh, sh!t happens.
  20. If hitting posts or shooting high and wide were actual stats we'd be leading the league
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