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  1. Yea, if we thought Rangers fans were obnoxious before, if their team wins the Cup...overnight, it'll be .. 1. Laf is better than Jack. 2. Igor is better than Hasek, Roy, and Brodeur put together. 3. Rangers are going on a dynasty run. 4. Whoever plays the Rangers in the playoffs shouldn't even bother showing up, because the Rangers can't lose.
  2. If they win the Cup, let's just hope they're one and done. If they go on a Cup run like Tampa did it'll be downright unbearable in this area.
  3. That was a very Severson-esque goal if I must say.
  4. I hope it's not Woodcroft but I also feel that's who we're getting. I think Keefe takes the year off and enjoys his money and family time away from hockey.
  5. "the country club, the coddling of players." That sounds like the Devil's alright, sans Holtz. And Keefe or WCroft will continue that.
  6. I get your point but up 3-1 in the third in a must win game. It's safe to say they choked the game and their playoff chances away. Shesterkin was clearly rattled before Kreider put that first puck past Anderson. If Carolina wins that game, they have a legit chance to win Game 7 riding all the momentum.
  7. Now please get one of Pesce / Zadorov. Bertuzzi would be a nice signing too.
  8. Sign me up but I doubt ownership in Raleigh gives up on him, despite the epic choke.
  9. Yup. My money is on Woodcroft. Fitz wants a coach who's good with analytics and the geeks have tremendous influence in the Devils org. It's such an obvious fit. Then Fitz trades for Markstrom and sends Holtz and a pick the other way. Or trades for Ullmark and sends our 10th + Holtz/Casey the other way. Or trades for Saros and sends our 10th + Holtz/Casey + Mercer the other way. And finally, all coaches being fired except Rogalski, who will keep his job because of Marty... 😂 I say all of this half-jokingly, especially the Rogalski bit. Let's see what happens.
  10. I honestly don't even want to give up the 10th for Ullmark. In the end though, it's not going to matter what goalie comes here once Rogalski applies his Midas touch.
  11. Of course, and Fitz will probably give Calgary the 10th for Markstrom
  12. Maybe Brind'amour gets fired....
  13. Canes doing their best to put on a clinic joke job
  14. If Fitz keeps things status quo and doesn't follow through on his "big game hunting", then hires a coach to please the analytics geeks, and the Devils don't improve drastically, then he should be sh!tcanned.
  15. The analytics geeks apparently love Woodcroft and I won't be surprised if they get their man. It sounds like that's also the main reason Fitzgerald passed on Berube, his statistics in St Louis didn't impress the analytics team. I'm resigned to the fact that the organization is run by the analytics team. So, I'm expecting Woodcroft to get hired. If not, then Keefe. It's a meh hire in either case. Both coaches had loads of offensive talent, mediocre defense, and poor goaltending and couldn't go deep into the playoffs. Unless something changes with our roster, it'll be same sh!t, different coach. Siegenthaler, Marino...not sold on either of them. Especially Siegenthaler who appears to be getting worse. Bahl plays small. Luke/Nemec/Dougie, that's the defense. Unless the new coach brings up Hatakka who showed promise, and adds him to the mix. We'll see. I really wanted Berube as our coach, to instill much needed discipline, but it appears he's going to Toronto.
  16. I hope Fitz doesn't cater to the Hughes bros or the analytics geeks with this coaching hire. If he F's this up, it will lead to star players being traded down the line and another rebuild. Coaching aside, I hope he's not dumb enough to trade our 10th for Markstrom. Please don't let that happen.
  17. Anderson giving the game away
  18. And Fitz listens to the analytics geeks like it's the gospel truth. The minute I heard Woodcroft was a numbers geek himself, that was it. This franchise isn't about to hire a throwback disciplinarian. Not their style. Fitz wants a player's coach who meshes with the guys and listens to everything the geeks tell them. He wants Lindy 2.0 but more analytical, and someone who isn't just focused on developing youth.
  19. Most likely and they could even win more than 1 Cup over the next few years with Shesterkin playing this way. He's only 27.
  20. Goodbye Canes. They'll choke this away and get swept. I guess the question is, what team in the West can defeat the Rangers because I fully expect them to coast to the SCF. And if they win the Cup, it's going to be insufferable with their obnoxious fans. If Fitz doesn't get off his ass and right this ship, it'll be downright nauseating the next few years as a Devils fan.
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