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  1. As long as Score-a-goal-vich doesn't bring back a 5th rounder and that's the end of it. Let's go Fitz!
  2. I'll take it! Now draft that Russian goalie with the 6th rounder that we've been asking for all this time! 😁
  3. https://www.sportskeeda.com/amp/ice-hockey/news-nhl-trade-rumors-colorado-avalanche-might-interested-new-jersey-devils-fiery-forward
  4. Yep, they basically can't afford Jeannot and Colton, assuming Killorn re-signs. And Colton would be the odd man out. Good article on it: https://thehockeywriters.com/devils-target-ross-colton-forward-depth/
  5. If Fitz can get Colton that would be excellent. Not to mention, the guy has been a Devils fan his entire life and would be a maniac in the playoffs for that reason.
  6. Exactly. If he disappears again in the playoffs and mopes around on the ice, it'll suck.
  7. It looked like one giant party last night. Definitely a place I'd want to be at if a team was doing well
  8. That's pretty awesome actually
  9. Congrats to VGK. They dominated this series. Marschessauit and this group are impressive
  10. That was an ass kicking but I guess it's better to lose 9-3 than 2-1 in OT.
  11. Could we see a touchdown and a field goal? That'd be pretty scummy to run up the score but it would be history
  12. Yea but with players playing into their mid-late 30s nowadays they could keep this up for probably 3-4 years, assuming they can keep their core intact. Stone probably has 2-3 years left in him, I agree. I think it would awesome to see a Devils team hitting their stride in 2025-26 vs an older veteran VGK team that's on their last glory run in the SCF.
  13. This Vegas team reminds me of the '12 Kings team. Goaltender that stops everything, physical forwards, forecheck, and score pretty much at will. They're going to be hard to beat over the next few years until teams figure them out.
  14. Vegas is dominating. This game has 5-1 written all over it.
  15. If it's the Rangers or Hurricanes, exceptions can be made, lol I'm tired of seeing him chew his mouthguard. It's annoying to have to watch.
  16. Yep. Looks like Vegas is winning the Cup. Give them the trophy this year and then be done with it. I don't want to see Vegas repeat next year.
  17. Bratt contributed zilch in the playoffs, yet here he is starting up with the nonsense. As much as I don't want to see him leave, if he doesn't want to be here then just trade him already. I'm sure Fitz could get a first-rounder for him at minimum.
  18. https://www.foreverblueshirts.com/rangers-rumors-john-hynes-now-front-runner-to-be-next-coach/amp/
  19. VGK is sweeping this team most likely. The Panthers are playing unhinged and undisciplined. I wonder how many more years Vegas can keep this up. Their core isn't that old (30's). They'll be a pain in the ass to have to face with our smaller group once we're ready to contend.
  20. Vegas is such a dominating team. They're going to be tough to beat over the next 3-4 years
  21. VGK probably built the quickest playoff-ready team in the history of the NHL. Most of their core guys are in their early 30's so they still have a few more years left.
  22. It's coming down to Laviolette or Hynes as the NYR head coach. Something tells me they hire Hynes.
  23. Pulling for Florida all the way. Hope they win the Cup
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