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  1. Just now, 2ELIAS6 said:

    1-who the hell is this guy?

    2- what the hell was Fritz saying up there? Nervous as hell, looked like he was ready to pee his pants dancing around.

    Def. It looked like he was having a panic attack up there and was about to piss his pants 😂

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  2. 6 hours ago, jagknife said:

    I’m fine with Colliton hiring, I’m not okay with running Rogalski and McGill back like they have done quite literally ANYTHING to warrant more chances.

    its insane to be so horrendously bad at your respective jobs yet have such completely unwarranted job security.

    god I hate both of them

    When you're buds with Marty, you can basically suck at your job without consequences. If Markstrom comes here, watch him regress. 

  3. 3 hours ago, nessus said:

    Following up on the above:


    Would be a total slam dunk at 10 overall if by some miracle he fell that far.


    Good for Calgary. Can you imagine if they select Iginla and Demidov at 9 and 10? That would be pretty sick on their part. It seems all but certain that Fitz is sending our pick to them for Markstrom. Hopefully it'll be worth it. If Markstrom stinks it'll be back to the drawing board.

  4. 2 hours ago, jagknife said:

    ONLY Markstrom for the 10th will be a colossal failure of asset management by Fitz. Dude’s gonna be 35 next year and only 2 years left on his deal.

    This season was bad enough of a disaster, I really hope Fitz doesn’t let his good move of Keefe be the highlight…

    I fear Fitz is fixated on Markstrom for whatever reason and is desperate enough to part with the 10th pick straight up. If he does this, I agree it will be a gargantuan failure. 


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  5. I'm not getting excited for the draft because our first rounder is either getting sent to Calgary for Markstrom or is being packaged along with Mercer/Schmid + Holtz/Casey for Ullmark. The market for a goalie will be super competitive and Fitz might panic and pay through the nose out of fear of failing the position yet again. 

  6. Yea, if we thought Rangers fans were obnoxious before, if their team wins the Cup...overnight, it'll be ..

    1. Laf is better than Jack.

    2. Igor is better than Hasek, Roy, and Brodeur put together.

    3. Rangers are going on a dynasty run.

    4.  Whoever plays the Rangers in the playoffs shouldn't even bother showing up, because the Rangers can't lose.


  7. 1 minute ago, njbuff said:

    Has there ever been another Cup run like this where the team that is getting throughly dominated goes on and wins the Cup.

    The Rags got dominated by the Canes too don't forget.

    Can they get dominated in the Finals too and win?

    Vomit inducing. 

    If they win the Cup, let's just hope they're one and done. If they go on a Cup run like Tampa did it'll be downright unbearable in this area.

  8. 4 hours ago, Mitico12 said:

    I seriously doubt Keefe is taking this long to decide. That would be career suicide for a guy who hasn't won anything at the NHL level and another NHL team wants you and you hem and haw through the process.

    My gut feeling is that it is Woodcroft, in which case we are screwed. 

    I hope it's not Woodcroft but I also feel that's who we're getting. I think Keefe takes the year off and enjoys his money and family time away from hockey. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Nicomo said:

    “I think this is the right hire for the Maple Leafs,” said TSN host Carlo Colaiacovo, who played for Berube in Philadelphia. “What it says is the Maple Leafs are preparing for a culture change. We've seen it, the country club, the coddling of players. I'll tell you right now, with Berube behind the bench, there won't be any of that.”

    Colaiacovo, speaking on TSN Radio, said Berube was one his favourite coaches.

    “He keeps it real. He demands accountability. He demands structure. And he does it in a respectful way. He's a brutally honest coach. In today's hockey, people lose track of how important that is.”

    He would have been so perfect for what the Devils need. *sigh*

    "the country club, the coddling of players."

    That sounds like the Devil's alright, sans Holtz. And Keefe or WCroft will continue that. 

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  10. 4 hours ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    It's not even really an epic choke. Bad loss, yes. But they were down 3-0 in the series to the best team in the league in the regular season.  Coming back to win two games I think saves some face. 

    I get your point but up 3-1 in the third in a must win game. It's safe to say they choked the game and their playoff chances away. Shesterkin was clearly rattled before Kreider put that first puck past Anderson. If Carolina wins that game, they have a legit chance to win Game 7 riding all the momentum. 

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  11. 11 hours ago, smelly said:

    What's been reported is consistent with what I have heard:

    Berube likely to TOR.

    Keefe a possibility.

    Woodcroft most likely.

    Haven't heard anything recently about Sullivan.

    Yup. My money is on Woodcroft. Fitz wants a coach who's good with analytics and the geeks have tremendous influence in the Devils org. It's such an obvious fit. Then Fitz trades for Markstrom and sends Holtz and a pick the other way. Or trades for Ullmark and sends our 10th + Holtz/Casey the other way. Or trades for Saros and sends our 10th + Holtz/Casey + Mercer the other way. And finally, all coaches being fired except Rogalski, who will keep his job because of Marty... 😂

    I say all of this half-jokingly, especially the Rogalski bit. Let's see what happens. 

  12. 34 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

    That would be a fireable offense

    I honestly don't even want to give up the 10th for Ullmark. In the end though, it's not going to matter what goalie comes here once Rogalski applies his Midas touch.

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