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  1. 8 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

    They've got some stats person talking in their ear about some crap instead of using their eyes. No reason to split up what's working. Anyway, whatever.

    The stats geeks run the organization. That's who Fitz and the coaching staff listen to most likely.

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  2. 1 hour ago, RunninWithTheDevil said:

    I'd love to see the look on Bettman and Daly's face as they flip the card over to see a Devils logo 😂


    1 hour ago, MadDog2020 said:

    I’d love to get that pick just to see every other fanbase lose their sh!t. 

    Only to see Fitz give that pick to Nashville for Saros or to Calgary for Markstrom 🙄

  3. 3 hours ago, Nicomo said:

    They were completely mediocre even with McLeod. They haven’t won more than 3 straight games all season. To me Luke is already better than Severson (or it’s at least a wash) and Ryan Graves doesn’t make or break a team. The two guys they obviously missed the most were Dougie and Brunette. 

    Fitz whiffing on Brunette while sticking with Ruff was such a  blunder. Not as monumental as Wellington Mara failing to promote Vince Lombardi or Tom Landry and losing both, but a huge blunder nonetheless. 

    Fitz MUST hire Berube. There's no other coach I want. If he hires another "offensive minded" player's coach, he should lose his job. 

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  4. Most comedic thing I read all night was on the Rangers board, that Laf is as good or better than Jack. 

    When that team comes back to earth (which always happens after Laviolettte's first season), it'll be enjoyable to watch. 

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    1 hour ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    @slasher72 I think if Mac hadn’t been so promising over his first two seasons, then Fitz absolutely considers drafting Askarov.  It really blows that from that point on, Mac more or less became an injury-prone disappointment…especially for the Devils, who thought they had a box checked off.

    Part of me would be interested in Spencer Knight as a possible reclamation project (probably in the AHL to start) but the cap hit is just too high to take any fliers on him right now.

    Yea, It's likely going to come down to the two names everyone's been mentioning for the past several weeks. Either team, Nashville or Calgary is going to get a haul. Good for them. 



    1 hour ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    In fairness, the bolded involves a fair amount of second-guessing.

    VV was fine in the regular season last year (slightly above average), and had been average the two seasons prior to that one; unfortunately, though there was clearly much more going on than just bad goaltending, VV was bad this year.  He flat-out didn't perform to expectations, but based on his prior track record, it wasn't outlandish not to see a bad year coming.  That being said, I'm glad that Fitz didn't bet on VV having a bounceback season.  He very well could wind up having one next year, but it was WAY too risky for Fitz to cross his fingers and hope for it.  I think he did the right thing by choosing to move on, given how this season went.  Schmid did enough to warrant a look (it's always great when you can build from within, and when a guy puts up .920+ save% in the regular season AND the playoffs AND shuts out the Rangers twice in helping to eliminate them, I get seeing if you have something), but I suspect Fitz feels burned enough by both VV and Schmid that it won't surprise me if Schmid is on his way out too, after this season.  Basically I understood sticking with them, and now I understand moving on from them after the way that this year went.  

    Don't forget that in Askarov's draft, that Blackwood had just come off his second promising NHL season...in 70 NHL career games to that point (64 starts), Blackwood had put up a .916 save% and 12.5 GSAA...those were plenty promising numbers...the Devils had fair reason to believe that they might already have their goalie of the present and future.  Also, it's not like the Devils didn't have other needs...like finding wingers who could score for Jack and Nico.  I admit that the Holtz pick didn't thrill me at the time, but the pick absolutely made sense, especially since he was projected to be a guy who could put pucks in the net. 


    Also, not saying that YOU'RE doing this, but the ones who didn't want to go into the season with VV and Schmid at the time couldn't really come up with any available or preferable alternatives.  Hellebuyck was thrown out there but not like anyone else swooped in and snagged him for a price that would have us saying "How come Fitz couldn't get him?"  Two of the names we've been bringing up (Saros and Ullmark) didn't appear to have been made available.  Markstrom was coming off a bad year last season and got off to a bad start this season (he had an .896 save% through 12/5), and if you look at his overall body of work this season, he's basically been...a less consistent version of 2022-23 VV.  

    I myself wanted to take a flyer on Kakhonen heading into this season (because of his play in Minnesota), so I was pleased to see Fitz grab him. Especially for a 1:1 swap of VV. So I give Fitz a lot credit for that. Fitz has done a lot of good things but the question mark in goal is a glaring issue. I think Kakhonen could be a solid back up. I do think Allen will get shipped out along with Holtz/Mercer/draft pick if we go for Saros. 

    Back to the draft, I remember when Holtz was taken I also did not want him. I wanted us to draft Askarov because he was seen as a highly talented, rising star coming out of Russia and I was envisioning him becoming our own version of Shesterkin. But that's ancient history now.  I don't think this team's current scouting group will ever draft Russian prospects in goal. Heading into next season, it looks like it's going to come down to Saros or Markstrom. Or if Fitz goes totally off the radar, maybe he takes a flyer on a player like Anthony Stolarz from Florida? He's from Edison, NJ, so local guy...


    5 hours ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    That so many players took steps back this season somewhat reflects on Lindy’s coaching, as it suggests he didn’t put them in a position to succeed.  The group in place last season was successful, however, which raises the question of whether the Devils’ collective success was due to Brunette as opposed to Lindy.

    I’m willing to give Fitz another chance to build a competitive roster, but he has to make it happen this time, and he can’t allow personal feelings or agendas to cloud his decisionmaking as he attempts to do so.

    Seriously, him saying he didn't want to acquire a goalie mid-season because he didn't want to hurt Schmid/Daws' feelings was just a horsesh!t excuse to cover up for his failures. Going into this past year with VV/Schmid/Daws was inexcusable. And yes, Lindy was terrible at putting players into the best position to succeed, in addition to his other egregious errors. 

    In hindsight, just think if Fitz had drafted Askarov. We wouldn't be worrying about possibly shipping out Mercer, Casey, our first-rounder to anyone. But here we are now, desperate to find a starting goalie for the future. Fitz has completely failed in addressing goaltending up to this point. And allowing Rogalski to hang around hasn't helped matters either. 

    Fitz has a lot of work to do. Chief among them, hiring the right coach. I really hope gets it right this time. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Nicomo said:

    Not really. At least not about the “avoiding physicality at all costs” part. I don’t see any true perimeter only type players on this team. Now - how effective they actually are at being physical, battling on the boards, etc is another matter. But the willingness is there, imo.

    I also disagree that they are easy to play against. They certainly weren’t last year when they were 3rd in the league (with largely the same roster). The problem (besides the goaltending) is teams adjusted to their style this season, and Lindy had no counter. 

    I just don’t think we can overstate enough how much coaching played into it. Not when I see other teams like the Oilers and Isles get straightened out after making their coaching changes. 

    Add some size and grit, sure, but nothing matters more than nailing the next coaching hire, and finding a legit goalie. 

    Sure, Jack got into it with Aho a bit after he'd had enough but he's not a physically intimidating player, and nor do I want him to be. I'm speaking about our entire defense and forwards like Bastian, Haula, etc. Against Carolina, we had no answer in terms of their physical game and against larger, more physical teams it was the same way. You mention the Islanders, that's a good example. Outside of MacDermid, who will likely be gone next year, we have no one to counter Matt Martin, Romanov, etc. Sure, a coach like Berube will be awesome if Fitz goes in that direction, but these current players aren't bruisers. Let's please not kid ourselves. Meier has a somewhat psychical edge to his game when he plays his natural position (Lindy could never figure that one out) but even he's not a player you have to look out for on the ice. He's not going to bodycheck anyone into next week, nor intimidate anyone with his fists. And that's what I'd like to see on this team. Especially with the Rangers now gooning it up for the foreseeable future with their Frankenstein monster, it's even more necessary.

    That was my point.. our players by and large aren't a physical group. And they weren't drafted or acquired to be physical, which is fine. It is what it is.

    I agree with your last paragraph. But I want more than just size or grit. I want a few mean SOB's that opposing teams absolutely have to account for. 

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  6. 5 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    We have seen certain players (e.g., Nico) finishing checks more often under Green, so I think some facets of physicality can be taught and implemented if emphasized by next season’s coaching staff, but I generally agree that the toughness the Devils need will probably have to come from without, as it doesn’t exist within.  MacDermid probably won’t be back, so Fitz will have to find 1-2 other players tough enough to stand up to Rempe but skilled enough not to be a detriment to their teammates when not checking someone into the boards.

    On the flip side, maybe a better coach could come in and correct those issues with MacD. I don't know who Fitz could sign that could stand up to the likes of rempe. With all the celebrity this kid is generating I think he's going to be a mainstay on the Rangers for a while. And that will mean he'll be head-hunting our players, with Trouba following suit.

    Maybe part of me longs for the days when the devils were an intimidating force during the '90s. I'm thrilled that we have highscoring finesse players, but when a team punches us in the mouth we wilt. And now we have to deal with a 6'7" goon who enjoys injuring our players. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, nmigliore said:

    Yeah, I have no issue if the Devils want to get more physical but you need someone who can also actually play the game. MacDermid is a total waste of space and thank goodness he's a UFA after this season - dude plays like 4 minutes per game, takes a ridiculous amount of minor penalties given the amount of ice-time he gets, and can't even find a willing partner to scrap with since he's been here. What exactly is he doing? 

    The only problem is name one other person who could possibly fight Rempe after he goes headhunting and injures our players? MacD is the most intimidating fighter in the league, even more so than Reaves. Rempe wouldn't fight him. 

    We need an intimidating fighter on this team to keep most goons honest. You're not going to suddenly teach Bahl how to fight and Bastian can't take on someone like Rempe. And I don't think there's anyone on our minor team whom we could call up to fight him either, let alone available free agents. 

    Saying our current guys have to get tougher is a pipe dream. They're a smallish group of players who avoid physicality at all costs. We need an accomplished fighter on this team.


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  8. 11 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

    Good. He’ll miss 16 minutes of ice time total and there will probably be 2-3 less concussions this week. 

    I don't think it's going to sink in with this kid unless he gets pummeled by another enforcer, and it happens more than once. He probably relishes in the fact that he's getting suspensions, thinking it adds to his reputation. And Rangers fans seem to love it also. 

    I saw a video about Tie Domi where Messier pulled him aside during his rookie year after Tie was showboating after fights, and he told him, "to cut the sh!t". Messier said "if you don't treat other players with respect, no one in this league is ever going to respect you." Whether the advice sunk in or not is up for debate but that's the type of talk Rempe needs. No one on that team is going to give it to him though because they love the spectacle it's creating, including the head coach. 


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  9. 15 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

    Coming for guys like Jack and Dougie (when he’s not even playing) is some dirty work. 

    I know we’re down bad right now, but damn. 

    Not coming for Jack, just want to see him grow as a leader for this team. Criticizing parts of his game that we'd like to see improve, to make him even better than he already is, isn't a bad thing. I hope the next coach pushes everyone on this roster to become better. And I hope they hold ALL players accountable without the celebrity double standards. Nothing wrong with that at all. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, hystyk28 said:

    Anyone that plays hockey, knows that in a game like that, Luke Hughes should of absolutely trucked Trocheck at the end of the game on that empty netter. Sure he would of got his as kicked by him, but if you are afraid to do that then you simply aren't cut out for pro hockey, at least not one that will do anything to win. And all I ever see is that we don't have any gamers. We have kids that are all about dangles and have ZERO clue how or what it takes to win a Cup. When your "star" player says people pay to watch me play and chokes on the biggest play of the season at that point tells me everything.  Going back to the Florida game last season where Nico hurt Barkov, that was a huge red flag. They chased poor Nico all over the rink taking shots at him and no one did a f-ing thing.  Can't win with the guys in the room  if they are scared, but even worse, can't win if they don't care.

    IMHO, this roster construction is wrong in a few ways.

    It's undersized with little heart and is fueled by the Hughes bothers led pond hockey style. On D it continues with Marino an Bahl.  Bahl may be the biggest disappointment of that crew- what a waste of a body.   He could skate with eggs in shorts and not break any...If you go...but its the new NHL- skill, skill, skill....go look at teams that win or compete for the Cup- skill, yes, but they have some snarl, and size. Just go back to the 2nd round last year against the Canes....it was men vs boys...an overhaul is needed...Colin Miller was the closest thing that resembled a defensemen this season. 

    Heart--who has heart on this team? Smith does, but unfortunately he has to be on the ice to use it...so nothing gained there for sure. Nico has heart and compete, not sure who else really has it. Haula maybe, sometime in spurts. Too many ghosts....Palat, that dude is invisible in all aspects of professional hockey. Why is he out there? Hamilton? Luke Hughes has Scott Stevens compete level compared to him. 0 heart, 0 defense. You can't have Hamilton, Hughes, Bahl, Marino, Nemec in the lineup on D. I mean, I think they could make a third line forward group of Bahl, L Hughes and Hamilton that would probably score as much as our 3rd line now. At least they wouldn't starting in our end. (I kid)  I won't even get into Siegenthaler, as he is soft too, but his main redeeming quality is that he probably helps Team Nico keep some balance in that room.

    When we had to move on from the D corp we had last year, I knew it was gonna be rough, but  Fitz really finds himself with some real big holes in the lineup now. The plan to play 1984 Oilers hockey will not work.  Playing it with these players will not work. He needs to change the attitudes and tweak the style of play. If we roll into next season the same way, fully expect the same results.  

    I'd like to see Berube come into and get accountability. Luke Hughes ain't making those dogsh!t plays with him on the bench. The whole team attitude would change. Look what Torts did with the Flyers. 

    Players??? Need someone like a Nick Foligno to come in and bring some leadership. He's tough nosed and would not let that room play the way they do. Someone would have been down on the ice from the drop off the puck last night. He's a gamer. Certainly good enough to play on team that has the likes of Bastian, Palat and Tierney. How about a Gudas type on defense? I thought they should have been all in on Tom Wilson. And yes, I know they would probably like a goalie. How you make all these changes necessary to reposition the team, well that is the GM's job not mine, but one thing is certain, if Fitz doesn't figure it out this summer, it won't be his beyond next season either.

    Hey Fitzy, how about this guy...you missed him once...





    Many great points. 

    I just hope that Luke doesn't coast, knowing that he's protected by his older brother and will be held by a different standard than everyone else. As for Jack, it's great to be the face of the franchise but you need to be a leader who holds everyone accountable. I'm not sure if Nico does that as Captain, but if Jack is the de-facto leader of this team then he needs to act like one. We don't just need a showman who puts up great stats and has jaw dropping goals, we need a skilled leader in that locker room who can do it all and who keeps everyone in line. As much as I don't want to mention his name, we need Jack to become our "Mark Messier". 

    I really hope a guy like Berube can come in here and show these guys how it's done. No more of this double standard bullsh!t that happened under Lindy. If Fitz goes out and gets a "player's coach", then it's over. 

    Like you mentioned, this new coach will have to reassemble the D. This team needs toughness, physicality, and sound defense. I realize it won't happen overnight but it needs to happen. Carolina ragdolled them in the playoffs last year. Outside of Smith and MacDermid, and to a lesser extent Meier, there's no one on this team with any balls and physicality. That has to change. As others have mentioned also, we need a physical presence who can fight, to prevent teams from running at our stars. That is why MacD has to be brought back. 



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  11. 46 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    A lot of this comes down to coaching, as whoever’s behind the bench next season needs to explain to the Devils’ role players that their job—apart from playing better defense than we’ve seen to date—is to protect the team’s stars.  Anybody who so much as hard-looks Jack, Nico, or Jesper deserves an elbow to the sternum, and if the player in question actually hits one of them, then he shouldn’t be allowed to make it back to his team’s bench post-shift.

    I'd love for this to happen but this isn't the 1995 Devils we're talking about. The only way to get that type of grit and nastiness into the lineup is to either draft or acquire those types of players. When it comes to  physicality, you either have it between the ears or you don't. At least, that's my opinion.

    With that said, a new coach can certainly teach better defense.  

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  12. 2 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    Rempe’s elbow to Siegs’ head was bad, but keep in mind that the two men have history from the teams’ previous meeting.  I think he would’ve done worse had MacDermid not been on the ice.

    The other thing to keep in mind is laviolettte encourages cheap-shotting from his players, going back to the days when he was the Canes head coach. So if we get rid of our only enforcer we are screwed in this division.

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  13. 4 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

    It looked exactly like every single other game against the NYR this season.   Only difference was the name on the back of the jersey of the guy who got knocked out of the game.  That and we still didn’t take a single shot at one of their guys.   

    I totally hear you and I'm just as frustrated as you are. The coaching staff sucks. We need a piss and vinegar coach to take charge of this team.

  14. 1 minute ago, Lateralous said:

    Every other team in the league doesn’t lose a guy to serious injury every time they play these clowns and there really aren’t many enforcers left.  I would argue that’s because our entire lineup is as tissue soft as can be and the Rangers know they can take liberties with little to no response.   It is what it is for this season but keeping MacDermott beyond this season feels like the Leafs thinking they addressed their problems with physicality by just adding Reeves to their 4th line.  

    if our core is going to be Hughes x2, Bratt, Hischier, Nemec and Hamilton we can’t have the guys like Haula, Siegenthaler, Marino and Bahl be passive bystanders when games get ugly.  Need more nastiness up and down the lineup.    

    Only problem is you can't teach nastiness. All four of those guys you mentioned are Charmin soft and avoid confrontations. It's pathetic that we had to get a guy like MacD to at least show some fire on the ice when he was trying to challenge rempe.. Not one damn player would do that the last time these teams met, even after witnessing two of our players get crunched. 

    I'm totally with you in that I want to see nastiness across the board. But to remove the one guy who's capable of blasting people in a fight, I don't want to do that. Rempe would not fight MacD because he probably knows he will get his ass kicked. When the Avs played the Rangers this year trouba was running away from MacD the entire game.

    What we need is a coach like Berube who will let this team be physical, and let our enforcers do their jobs at the appropriate time. Hell, the only time I would put MacD on the ice would be to instigate a fight.


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