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  1. agreed. Oduya has to be signed. A nightmare scenario would be Oduya getting a high offer from a team like the Rangers and Lou deciding not to match it. I hope nothing like that happens...
  2. here we go with the forum gestapo...fvck off. They didnt show much heart to me when they sat back and allowed the Canes to take control of the game with less than 2 minutes remaining...up by a goal and losing in the manner in which they did. It was a disgrace.
  3. my grandmother could stop Madden on a break-away.
  4. Players like Bouwmeester and Havlat would require $$$ ... ain't gonna happen. Not when Lou has that money tied up with players like White, Zubrus, and Rolston. Lou is also reserving whatever money he has to players like Madden, Gionta, and Havelid. He's in love with the idea that the show will never end with the same group of players that won him Cups in '95 and '03. Every year it's basically the same group of players and every year we get the same results...great regular season followed by first-round exit. The Devils are a mess. After that putrid game the other night it was evident. This team has alot of class, but no heart when it counts the most. Scott Stevens' retirement took care of that...
  5. "we have more than a couple unrestricted free agents that have been an integral part of this team and we have to do everything we can to keep them if possible" which basically means things will be the same next year, losing in round one with the same group of core players, plus or minus a lousy defenseman he picks up on the cheap right before the deadline.
  6. there's no way Lou will spring for Bouwmeester. I can see him going after Sheldon Souray though or Neidermayer. He seems to have a thing for ex-Devils. If he can't get them, then he'll opt for a lower-tier free agent like Havelid. Mark it down. Face it people, Lou is stuck in a 1995 time warp and he's too stubborn to realize that the Devils Reunion Tour doesn't work anymore. We're going to have to ride this baby out for a while...
  7. Maybe Lou needs someone to help him out with talent acquisition: look at the majority of his free-agent signings since Stevens retired and how they've panned out...Malakhov, Mogilny, McGillis, Kozlov, Zubrus, Havelid, Case closed.... Granted, we find diamonds in the rough like Clarkson, but so does every other team. This team needs major help, but if Lou keeps denying it then what the hell do we have to look forward to. After they lost to the Rags last year, Lou kept repeating that this team had what it takes to get to the Cup and denied that it needed major changes. I'm assuming he's going to say the same sh*t after this season. But the truth is, it does need major changes and until those changes are made, we'll keep being the champions of the regular season and that's about it. I dunno.. as a Devils fan i'm just disgusted with the way this team has played in the postseason lately. They lack defense, scoring, but most of all..heart. It just flat out sucks.
  8. problem is Lou is still trapped in 1995 but doesnt realize it yet..
  9. This team sucks. Blow it up and start over.. but that wont happen because most of the sh*tty players are locked into contracts. Lou has to build the team through the defense...but that would require spending big money... and spending big money is something he won't do, unless it's on a player like Zubrus or Rolston. The only way to save this team is to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Face it.. as fans we're screwed because Lou is going to give the same lame-ass assessment after the series is over: 1. this team has enough talent to win the Cup (because we played so well during the regular season), 2. we can still build around Marty, 3. no major changes have to be made. Live with it fellas.. it's going to be a while before things get better.. by that time, hopefully Cam Ward and the rest of the Canes will be hitting their mid 30's and on that downward slide, while our young team is on the up and up. THen we'll get our revenge. ... hah.. anyway, it's nice to dream.
  10. Sheldon Souray? Didn't we say the same thing about Rolston last year? Sorry, I dont want anymore ex-Devils who have a "cannon on the power play" on this roster. The minute they don the uniform they suddenly forget how to shoot the puck. We could have Wayne Gretzky in his prime on the power play and he'd still be unable to score for this team.
  11. Lou would disagree with you on these 2 points. He'll say the regular season success proves why major changes dont need to be made....and the team can still build around Marty. You know it's coming. He said the same sh*t last year after they bowed out to the Rangers in round 1. We're screwed, at least for a good 5-6 years.
  12. It's depressing but maybe we need to go through a rut like the Penguins did in the 90's before things get better? We need some high draft picks, talented free agents, and an heir to Marty.. someone who can take over the reins and do a respectable job. As a Devils fan, I think we're in for a few more years of "great regular seasons" and first round flops before this ship gets turned around. I'd hate to say it, but with White, Zubrus, and Rolston tied up... and Lou's inability to spend money on top tier talent.. and the defense being nonexistant....and the lack or scoring on the PP....uggh.... it's going to be while before we're back to the Cup.
  13. this loss was probably the worst sports loss i've ever witnessed as a fan.. I wasn't around for the Pisarcik fumble but after seeing Marty lose two late games like this (and yes, i know it's not all on him) to the same team, it's just devastating. What's even worse is Lou will come back with the same group of players next year, convinced that they all have what it takes to the win the Cup, only to see them choke in the first round. This team needs scoring and lots of it. But since we can't seem to spend any money on free-agents who can do that, we're in a bit of a pickle. Even if we did have scorers though, i'm sure they would suddenly forget how to score the minute they put on the Devils uniform. I just cant understand it. It's sad, depressing, upsetting.. i'm just at a loss for words as a fan of this team.
  14. you might as well start praying to a Chia pet, cuz your wishes won't come true. Not with Lou at the helm. Mark my words, we'll return next year with the same exact team perhaps plus a castoff freeagent before the trade deadline.
  15. This team is screwed because outside of Zach Parise, no one can score. It's full of overpaid players who dont perform in crunch time. That pretty much sums it up. I've never seen a team meltdown like this, not even from the Jets (as an observer of course, thank God i'm a Giants fan). I'm just stunned and in disbelief. To lose twice to the same team with under a minute remaining is rediculous. Brodeur obviously needs a young player behind him to light a fire under his ass. Frazee and Doyle are not it. We need our own version of Cam Ward and we need a goddam center who can scare the opposing team. That's in a pefect world. Truth is.. neither of that bullsh!t is going to happen because Lou is a tightwad and will choose to sign middle to lower tier free agents and overpay them and the rest of the team will play the "let Marty stand on his head" game and continue to lose these games.
  16. Zubrus is a fuking waste of money, ditto for Havelid, ditto Rolston (despite his scoring 1 goal in this game). This team needs scorers, period. As soon as they started sitting on their heels and the Canes went on, what seemed like a powerplay, with a little over a minute remaining I had a sickening feeling that Brodeur would let in 2 flukes and the team would cave in and go down the toilet. I'm sorry. I've watched this team since '89 and cheered them on but this loss is a fuking embarrassment. To lose in this fashion in front of a home crowd is shameful. I dont expect things to change because that would require Lou spending money. We'll probably just come back next year with the same group of guys and bow out in the first round once again. Hopefully next year we'll get blown out so i'm not left sitting on the edge of my seat until the very bitter end.
  17. what the fuk!!!??? why are we playing it like a goddam Canes powerplay?? Did they have an extra attacker on the ice? game over. this team fuking sucks. oh well.. canes will probably win the goddam cup again. what else is new.
  18. why does it seem like Carolina has been on a PP this entire fving period!? C'mon Devs, get the offense going!!!
  19. Devils need to score 2 more goals for me to relax. Especially with boneheads like Colin White on the ice.
  20. Lou won't get players like that... Jeeezzz.. what a save by Brodeur.
  21. why no hitting by the Devils?? It looks like everytime I see a crosscheck or bodycheck it's a Canes player dishing it out. C'mon Devs! Get physical!!
  22. I'm no fan of Havelid too. I hope he's gone next year.
  23. I expect Brodeur to play out of his mind these next few games, especially Game 5. Devils are going to rebound and win this series, mark it down.
  24. I haven't been this pissed off since the Giants lost that horiffic Playoff game in San Francisco in 2003. I only hope the Devils come back home Thursday night and completely destroy the Canes and then put them away in Carolina in front of their home crowd. I want revenge...... I haven't been this pissed off since the Giants lost that horiffic Playoff game in San Francisco in 2003. I only hope the Devils come back home Thursday night and completely destroy the Canes and then put them away in Carolina in front of their home crowd. I want revenge......
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