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  1. Robertson will score four goals tomorrow vs Vanecek.
  2. Hischier looks lost. Bratt is non-existent. Boqvist sucks. Haula sucks. At this point, I'd rather see Mason Geersten on the bench than Holtz.
  3. Nah, his kid isn't an enforcer and can't fight at all.
  4. Agreed. That stupid Josh Bailey song was loud enough to be heard on the tv. Devils need an enforcer though in the worst way. Teams like the Islanders will take shots at our players until we have one. Having a Tie Domi type would be great (minus the boneheaded scumbaggery).
  5. Yea but it would be nice to have a player who could rag doll Romanov or lay a bit hit on another Islander player after a hit like that on Wood. The Leafs and Flames played physical and knocked the team around also. We need an enforcer to protect Jack, if nothing else. Smith is the most physical guy on the team and that's not saying much.
  6. The Islanders have had our number for about 6 years. Will be nice when that starts swinging in the opposite direction.
  7. Haula picking right up where Almost left off. One bum leaves, another fills his shoes.
  8. These guys just dont have it tonight. Watch out for Romanov trying to take out Nico, Bratt, or Jack.
  9. This team hasnt had a bruiser since Scott Stevens.
  10. I don't mind seeing them lose but at least fight back and send a message. Oh wait...we dont have anyone who can do that 😒
  11. They showed it on tv. Yea, it looked sort of borderline after the replay. Looked like his elbow got part of Wood's face.
  12. This. This team needs a Tom Wilson in the worst way.
  13. 100%. I really like seeing Devils fans (even if they're new ones) being loud in opposing teams' arenas. We had Rangers fans especially pulling this crap on us for the past 30 years so it's time to give back as I see it. Plus, our players love it, so why not.
  14. Are they playing sloppy including vs the Preds or are teams suddenly figuring us out?
  15. I welcome it. Even there are a lot of new fans or bandwagoners who show up, who cares. After the last several years of losing and bleak attendance, I welcome all fans who root and go crazy for our team. The players love it and feed off the energy and it makes it more fun to watch on tv. I can only imagine how nuts it's going to be around the playoffs...
  16. That's easy. Switch the 3's for 1's and replace the nameplate with "Sharangovich". Problem solved, lol.
  17. I know it's a long ways off, but I can't wait for the Devils to play the Leafs again at home on March 7.
  18. Yea, but I hope they clean it up by Monday night. Too much passing and not enough shooting.
  19. Hats off to Schmid as well. I like our goalie tandem A LOT.
  20. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Now beat the Rangers on Monday night.
  21. How did the Avs player try to avoid contact? He skated right into Blackwood. Not to mention Murray accidentally skated into Tatar as much as Tatar ran into him. Should Tatar have tried to avoid him? Sure. Did he have enough time to react? Who knows. One thing is certain though, Murray wasnt stationary as Blackwood was here. He drifted to his right and collided with Tatar.
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