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  1. Only problem is you can't teach nastiness. All four of those guys you mentioned are Charmin soft and avoid confrontations. It's pathetic that we had to get a guy like MacD to at least show some fire on the ice when he was trying to challenge rempe.. Not one damn player would do that the last time these teams met, even after witnessing two of our players get crunched. I'm totally with you in that I want to see nastiness across the board. But to remove the one guy who's capable of blasting people in a fight, I don't want to do that. Rempe would not fight MacD because he probably knows he will get his ass kicked. When the Avs played the Rangers this year trouba was running away from MacD the entire game. What we need is a coach like Berube who will let this team be physical, and let our enforcers do their jobs at the appropriate time. Hell, the only time I would put MacD on the ice would be to instigate a fight.
  2. Just imagine how much worse it would have been if we didn't have him.
  3. The only problem is there's no one on this team outside of Meier and Smith who are somewhat tough, and certainly no one who can fight. If we don't have an enforcer on this team, our star players will start getting crushed by cheapshoting goons like Rempe. What the coaching staff should do is play him less. But having the guy on the team as insurance is a good thing imo.
  4. I disagree. This team needs an enforcer if they're going to play the Rags and Isles several times a year. If MacDermid wasn't on the ice tonight Rempe would have been headhunting our stars. He tried to go after Jack but was too damn slow.. Having an enforcer is a good thing. Having a gutless coaching staff and no defense is not.
  5. Same ol' sh!t. If Fitz doesn't hire coach who can light a fire under these guys, then he should be shown the door. The only two names that should be interviewed should be Berube and Sullivan (if he's fired). No one else.
  6. Seriously, this team has absolutely no balls
  7. My responses got merged. I meant Rempe is a punk. But yea, Luke needs a lot of time.
  8. He's a punk. Let's face it. If his last name wasn't Hughes he'd be nowhere near the ice.
  9. Time to plant Panarain into the ice ala Tom Wilson style. That'll send a message.
  10. I want to see MacDermid dummy this fvcking punk
  11. So this is what it's like to have a serviceable NHL goalie. Not even a good goalie or a star, just serviceable. I'll take it 😂
  12. I don't care if they get blown out, as long as MacDermid wins that fight and does it convincingly. 🥊
  13. Supposedly Sid wants to go to Vancouver due to his ties to Tocchet.
  14. Not to mention trashing Holtz makes you look like an idiot when you're trying to trade him. You'd think Fitz would want to talk up Holtz to other GM's, not the other way around. Maybe Fitz is too stupid to realize that. He seems to have very little self-awareness as a GM.
  15. After reading this, I really hope it's Berube. This team needs a coach who can light a fire under their asses and who can inspire them to play even harder. https://dailydoseofbuffa.substack.com/p/all-hail-chief-thanks-for-everything
  16. I would be fine with that. I don't want to see Mercer going to Calgary though.
  17. Yea, Rogalski is the fly in the birthday cake for sure. One of the negatives that will come unfortunately if we hire Berube; Rogalski will continue to get paid to do an atrocious job. With Sullivan though, he'll definitely be gone.
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