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  1. Kahkonen has had some pretty solid years, especially when he was with MIN. Could we finally be one of those teams that gets a reclamation project in goal who completely turns it around with some new scenery? Seemed to work out for Taylor Hall, albeit at a different position? One can dream, right? lol
  2. 100%. If we finally get the "San Jose Sharks Timo Meier" every night, then Fitz needs to explain why putting him on the left side all year was even allowed.
  3. VGK is the new "America's Team" of hockey. Every big name player acquired with ease, zero salary cap issues, and a constant party on the ice.
  4. If Timo goes off, then I'll be happy to see that. I want his confidence sky high to start next season.
  5. Hmmm. He has no intention of sticking around or maybe he was told he'll be part of the deal for Markstrom this summer? Lol. A joke. Yea, it's an odd trade.
  6. Now that we gave Calgary a legit player in Sharongovich, what other young players can Fitz send them to help in their rebuild? Holtz, Casey, and a first-rounder as the cherry on top? Can't wait for him to give away the farm for Markstrom. I might be in the minority, but i think Fitz could have done better. We gave away Sharongovich (who's turning into a top player in Calgary) for a second round pick essentially. Sure, he was misused here just like Timo, but to lose him for what we got in return just sucks now in hindsight. Anyway... We'll see what happens this summer.
  7. Can we jettison Siegenthaler next?
  8. Jake Allen...Dave Rogalski... Does that mean Craig Berube is on the way? 😁
  9. Because he knows Dave Rogalski is my guess. Which means Rogalski isn't going anywhere. lol. Just gets better and better.
  10. Just throwing this out there, but what if ownership is really pulling Fitz's strings and he's just their waterboy basically. What if it's ownership telling him to make these decisions because they want to be frugal with money and max out on profits? Hence, the team isn't getting better but they're raising ticket prices as just one example. I don't know how hands on, or hands off ownership is, but could that be the case? If it is then this franchise is toast.
  11. Well, he does have the balls to continue trashing Holtz. So gotta give him that. But he did absolutely nothing to secure a goalie all year and then came up with some BS excuse why he couldn't do it, and all reports look like he's going to throw the kitchen sink at Calgary in exchange for Markstrom, who will be here max 2 years at the level he's at. Fitz sucks.
  12. Mercer and a high first rounder for a 35 year old goalie who probably has 1-2 years left in the tank? I'll pass.
  13. Timo has arrived! Hopefully! 😁
  14. Fitz f'ed up by not addressing goaltending all year. And now he wants to package a player (Holtz) that he trashed in a press conference.. pure genius. Lol
  15. Hanafin to VGK. Byram to Buffalo..Cmon Fitz...do something.
  16. If Fitz sits on his hands and doesn't move Toffoli I'll be really disappointed.
  17. Watch the Devils luck into a top 10 pick and then package it to Calgary along with Holtz and Casey in exchange for Markstrom. If Conroy knows what he's doing, he will absolutely fleece Fitz in this one, knowing how much he wants Markstrom here. If Hanafin is part of the deal, Mercer will be headed out also.
  18. Luke could play like complete garbage 100% of the time and nothing would happen because Fitz will make sure Jack is happy at all costs. The only saving grace is Jack seems like enough of a competitor to tell his younger brother to get his sh!t together. We'll see. This isn't an indictment of Luke, Jack, or any of the other younger players not named Holtz. It is an indictment of Fitz (and Ruff) though. You can't hold Holtz accountable and not hold any of the other players accountable. That's sh!t leadership. Fitz is a joke. Typical cowardly executive who plays favorites and rags on players who are easy targets. If he proves me wrong, I'm all for eating crow.
  19. Someone on the bench needed to be scapegoated, so Fitz kept to the Lindy narrative on Holtz. He's a coward. I honestly hope they trade Holtz and his career takes off with the new team, just to throw egg on Fitz's smug face. Extending Toffoli is asinine when they could package him for a possible 1st rounder. Ruff was a terrible coach this year but Fitz compounded the problem by never bringing in a real goalie when he knew the defense was mostly rookies. His brilliant idea was sticking with VV and two rookie goalies. And then to add insult to injury, he convinces ownership to give him a fat, new contract and promotion to President/GM midway through the year as the team is faltering. Fitz is your typical opportunist who moves up the corporate ladder based on influencing others and political acumen, instead of merit.
  20. From a Canucks fan on Green: In 8 years of watching Travis Green, I don't know what our system was or what we were trying to do. Somehow he managed to consistently combine a conservative forecheck and boring dump/chase hockey with absolutely zero defensive structure and bleeding odd-man rushes everywhere. It seemed like the no-plan plan of just hoping that his goalie could steal the game/season.
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