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  1. Yea but it seems like a lifetime ago. For whatever reason Siegenthaler can do no wrong this year in Ruff's eyes.
  2. Can we add Siegenthaler to any trade package? I get his contract isn't the easiest to move but I'd really like to see him off this team. He seems way too comfortable with his job security this year...
  3. I really hope Fitz doesn't ship out McLeod for Gibson. Bringing in a 30 year old goalie is very risky, doubly so for this team.
  4. Why does Rogalski seem untouchable? We can joke that Marty is protecting him, but seriously...
  5. Why was Lindy fired from Dallas? I've never read much up on it other than his team was ill prepared and the defense was garbage.
  6. This team isn't going anywhere until they get a bona fide goalie
  7. Siegs is still due for a horrendous turnover.
  8. As long as Rogalski is coaching...yes. The guy has longevity that I cannot explain, other than Marty is protecting him..
  9. I'd include the Jim Fassel Giants in there as well
  10. I get being happy with a "a win is a win" but we got blown out by the Ducks and Oil at home and barely escaped beating the Red Wings and Columbus. Starting every game unprepared and getting saved by your stars in the third period against sh!tty teams is nothing to get psyched about as a fan. We want more from this team.
  11. That's it. He knows he won't be benched if he fvcks up, so no need to worry.
  12. Just imagine what this team could do with a good coach. Sadly, we probably won't find out for a long time because Ruff will always get bailed out by his star players.
  13. Considering their record vs former Devils you have nothing to worry about! Mark it down as a W!
  14. And Lindy's job is now safe with that win! 😂
  15. This is a huge problem. Rogalski has been absolutely terrible but Marty will protect him. Blackwood looks a lot better in SJ than he did here and that's pathetic.
  16. I have a feeling Brunette was a major reason for the team's success
  17. Does anybody have a non-ESPN plus or non-Hulu link to watch the game on? Thanks
  18. I think Timo has a "ticker" problem while playing for this team. Regardless of what he says in front of news cameras, he seems disinterested out there on the ice. Reminds me a lot of Zacha during his last year here (I can't believe I just made that comparison).
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