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  1. 46 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    A lot of this comes down to coaching, as whoever’s behind the bench next season needs to explain to the Devils’ role players that their job—apart from playing better defense than we’ve seen to date—is to protect the team’s stars.  Anybody who so much as hard-looks Jack, Nico, or Jesper deserves an elbow to the sternum, and if the player in question actually hits one of them, then he shouldn’t be allowed to make it back to his team’s bench post-shift.

    I'd love for this to happen but this isn't the 1995 Devils we're talking about. The only way to get that type of grit and nastiness into the lineup is to either draft or acquire those types of players. When it comes to  physicality, you either have it between the ears or you don't. At least, that's my opinion.

    With that said, a new coach can certainly teach better defense.  

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  2. 2 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    Rempe’s elbow to Siegs’ head was bad, but keep in mind that the two men have history from the teams’ previous meeting.  I think he would’ve done worse had MacDermid not been on the ice.

    The other thing to keep in mind is laviolettte encourages cheap-shotting from his players, going back to the days when he was the Canes head coach. So if we get rid of our only enforcer we are screwed in this division.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

    It looked exactly like every single other game against the NYR this season.   Only difference was the name on the back of the jersey of the guy who got knocked out of the game.  That and we still didn’t take a single shot at one of their guys.   

    I totally hear you and I'm just as frustrated as you are. The coaching staff sucks. We need a piss and vinegar coach to take charge of this team.

  4. 1 minute ago, Lateralous said:

    Every other team in the league doesn’t lose a guy to serious injury every time they play these clowns and there really aren’t many enforcers left.  I would argue that’s because our entire lineup is as tissue soft as can be and the Rangers know they can take liberties with little to no response.   It is what it is for this season but keeping MacDermott beyond this season feels like the Leafs thinking they addressed their problems with physicality by just adding Reeves to their 4th line.  

    if our core is going to be Hughes x2, Bratt, Hischier, Nemec and Hamilton we can’t have the guys like Haula, Siegenthaler, Marino and Bahl be passive bystanders when games get ugly.  Need more nastiness up and down the lineup.    

    Only problem is you can't teach nastiness. All four of those guys you mentioned are Charmin soft and avoid confrontations. It's pathetic that we had to get a guy like MacD to at least show some fire on the ice when he was trying to challenge rempe.. Not one damn player would do that the last time these teams met, even after witnessing two of our players get crunched. 

    I'm totally with you in that I want to see nastiness across the board. But to remove the one guy who's capable of blasting people in a fight, I don't want to do that. Rempe would not fight MacD because he probably knows he will get his ass kicked. When the Avs played the Rangers this year trouba was running away from MacD the entire game.

    What we need is a coach like Berube who will let this team be physical, and let our enforcers do their jobs at the appropriate time. Hell, the only time I would put MacD on the ice would be to instigate a fight.


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  5. 15 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

    The dude only played 3:44 and made multiple costly errors leading to Rangers chances.   He looks unplayable to me.  We need toughness throughout the lineup, not the Ryan Reeves plan.   

    The only problem is there's no one on this team outside of Meier and Smith who are somewhat tough, and certainly no one who can fight. If we don't have an enforcer on this team, our star players will start getting crushed by cheapshoting goons like Rempe. What the coaching staff should do is play him less. But having the guy on the team as insurance is a good thing imo. 

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

    Now that the season series with Rangers is done, I hope we never see MacDermott in a Devils jersey ever again.  

    I disagree. This team needs an enforcer if they're going to play the Rags and Isles several times a year. If MacDermid wasn't on the ice tonight Rempe would have been headhunting our stars. He tried to go after Jack but was too damn slow..

    Having an enforcer is a good thing. Having a gutless coaching staff and no defense is not.

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  7. 18 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    The “bye, bye” wave is what gets me.  If you won’t fight, you don’t get to do that.

    He's a punk. 

    Just now, Devs64 said:

    Luke is just plain horrible...one brain fart after another. 

    Let's face it. If his last name wasn't Hughes he'd be nowhere near the ice.

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