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  1. Some organizations are 'ok' with being mediocre and don't want to make changes as long as revenue is getting generated. I'm starting to think that could be the case with ours. The 2015 selection on Zacha was more Lou-Conte but 2016 onward there's no excuse. The Devils are just a bad organization from top to bottom and have been for a long time.
  2. I somehow missed this lol. Talk about throwing away a good opportunity https://www.google.com/amp/s/pucksandpitchforks.com/2021/09/27/new-jersey-devils-nikita-popuguevs-strange-retirement/amp/
  3. Well, if the coaching position isn't fixed then it wont matter if we trade away our 2OA + prospects (Holtz/Okhotiuk/Bahl), and players (Zetterlund/Sharangovich/Mercer) for Pasta, DeBrincat, or *gulp* Fiala. We'll just have an additional star player on a poorly coached team that tanks by December. I hope Fitz finds Ruff the assistants he needs but the jury's still out on his ability to do so. I mean, while Nass was finally removed after 7 years, and Recchi was an obvious dismissal, Rogalski still remains as the goaltending coach. 🤔
  4. This. The owners own a portfolio of professional sports teams, and the Devils are just one of many. They likely have very little emotional investment in this team and want to get as much ROI without breaking the bank. Art Rooney, George Steinbrenner, or Wellington Mara they're not.
  5. Of course. When the face of the franchise wants a coach to stay, the GM and ownership are going to keep him happy. And I feel ownership also prefers Ruff because he doesnt break the bank.
  6. 5-6 more years may sound far fetched but Nas survived for 5+ years so it wouldnt be a stretch to see Ruff stick around and get extended. Especially when our top players say they want him here and love playing for him. And if he does, he'd be developing our star players into their mid-late 20s with the rest in tow. The assistants will be "Fitzy Specials". And yes, we could certainly miss the playoffs during this time entire time period. And yes Ruff will come cheaper than Trotz or other available coaches, so a win for ownership. Sure, Fitz could swing for the fences and have an incredible offseason but the chances are he'd probably have a similar one to seasons past and stay the course. All I'm saying is there's a good chance we're stuck in this phase for longer than we anticipated. I hope I'm dead wrong.
  7. I'm reserved to the fact that Ruff is here to stay. He develops young players and that's what gives him staying power with Fitz and ownership, at least for another 5-6 years. I expect this team to be in the toilet for a very long time.
  8. Maybe Harris & Blitzer get some type of corporate tax write-off if the team loses money? Lol
  9. The thought of facing Zacha would be hilarious. We'd get to see him booed twice a year while laughing at the same time.
  10. With Torts they're going to need a hometown star veteran to fill the seats...enter Johnny Hockey.
  11. The Devils organization is asleep at the wheel. All they're interested in are bargain basement coaches. Trotz isnt coming here, please. It'll be Ruff and some losers that Fitz will hand pick for him. Which is also why I dont want DeBrincat coming here. If we're going with Ruff, why give up the 2OA, good players, and top prospects in exchange for him when we likely wont be sniffing the playoffs next year. On the bright side, we should suck again, which means another chance at top 10. I guess that's a plus!
  12. It's ok, Ruff can lead us to another losing season and a crack at another top 5 pick next year! 😁
  13. The rumors arent just talking 2OA and that's it, it would need to include the 2OA plus the 2023 or 2024 first rounder and assets (Holtz, Mukhammadullin, Mercer, Bahl) for DeBrincat. Chicago got a boatload for Hagel. Fitz will have to give up the farm to get Debrincat. The 2OA is just the starting point. If we're giving up that much I'd hope we can get into the playoffs and that a 5'6" - 5'7" Debrincat doesn't get manhandled the way Gaudreau used to every year.
  14. Look at how Fox and Panarin were especially dominated in games 5 and 6 versus the Lightning. Size definitely matters in the playoffs. Adding a 5'6" forward in DeBrincat scares me for that reason, plus he's looking for a huge contract. We're not competing in the playoffs for at least another 2 years and we've sucked for the past 10 and been patient, I dont see what the rush is all of a sudden where we're looking to get rid of a lot of solid assets and the 2OA to go "all in" now.
  15. If Fitz sends the 2OA straight up to Minnesota for Fiala or to Chicago for DeBrincat, I will be disgusted. I keep hearing the rumors. I hope Fitz isn't doing it.
  16. I've never understood getting into a fist fight at a game unless it was in self-defense.
  17. Mark Recchi has been moonlighting as a power play consultant for Tampa Bay.
  18. Lol. I admit I was one of those people after Zibanejad scored yet another PP one-timer. I feel like every time he tees up there's an 80% chance of it going in. With that said, win on Tuesday and it's a whole new series.
  19. Tampa's lesson for the day on Shesterkin....
  20. I thought the 2006 Canes were the masters of diving and taking penalties but they've got nothing on this Rags team. They do it to perfection. I truly cant stomach the thought of this team playing like this for the next 4-5 years. It will be insufferable.
  21. Game over. Series over. Hand the next 4 Cups to the NYR. They're impossible to beat.
  22. Tampa looks like they dont want to be there. Maybe 2 Cups is it for them. Maybe they're satisfied.
  23. Things always fall into place for the Rangers because they're America's favorite hockey team. It's the bright lights of Broadway brah! Kreider-Zibs-Breadman-Strome-Miller-Fox-Reavo-Trouba-Kid Line 4eva! The rest of the Metropolitan should just forfeit the next 5 years cut there's no quit and no losing in NY! Rangers dynasty run starts now!
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