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  1. Our illustrious GM, who has the blessings of detached and uninterested ownership, won't fire Ruff even if we're in last place by December. He wants a "friendly" coach who gets along with the young players, and Ruff is a loser so... we might be a doormat for years to come.
  2. Tampa isn't hungry. Bring on Colorado. That will be the team to do it.
  3. Well, at least they won't be picking in the top 5 anymore and their star players are 30 years old. That's one consolation. Gotta look at the bright side lol.
  4. Stick a fork in Tampa. These idiots are going to get swept.
  5. Let's go Colorado! As much as it pains me to say. I think the Avs are probably the one team the Rangers dont match up well against. In goal yea, but that's about it.
  6. We swept Tampa in '18 too I believe and then got destroyed by them in the playoffs. There's hope. Lol
  7. If Ty stinks next year, time to cut our losses. As for the Rags, their drafting will take a hit with the loss of Gorton. Firing him is going to bite them in the ass eventually.
  8. I love these idiotic rumors coming from Vancouver that Fitz is considering sending the 2OA in exchange for a 30 year-old JT Miller.
  9. Yep, I hope this game lights a major fire under Tampa's ass and they win the next 4.
  10. Last memory of an obnoxious crowd chanting the home goalie was better was when the Devils played the Stars and the "Eddie's better" chant was going on. We know how that turned out in the end. Who knows, maybe lightning can strike twice. Pun intended!
  11. Honestly, I'm looking forward to seeing Bratt Hughes Slafkofsky - Sharangovich Hischier Mercer, with L Hughes on defense and supporting cast for the next several years. If we can get a real NHL goalie we'll be dangerous. Kreider, Panarin, and Zibanejad are 29-30 years old. Their top 2 lines will be slowing down just as ours are starting to put it together and I dont think their kid line will carry them into the playoffs year after year.
  12. Bright lights of Broadway brah! Rangers gonna win it all and then dynasty fuh the next 10 yeaz with the Kid line all the way! Fugettaboutit! Rangers cant be beat! How you doin'!, makin' it big on Broadway!
  13. Trouba will try to injure Stamkos. I'm calling it.
  14. Ok, if I'm Carolina I'm just looking to send as many bruised a-holes into the Tampa series as I can.
  15. I'd like to see Trouba get some karma in the next round vs Tampa. Guy is such a cheap shot a$$hole.
  16. F the Canes. They deserve this for our two minute meltdown in 2006. Raanta is so bad. If the Rags win this game they'll likely win the Cup. Everything is going their way this year. And then we get to hear all the bandwagon fans beat their chest and rub it in everyone's faces. Cant wait.
  17. Rangers will probably win 6-0 tonight and then win Game 7. Carolina is such a soft team.
  18. Beating the Rangers that year was like an exorcism for this fan base. I never celebrated so much after a win. It felt like it made up for the loss in '08 and all the crap with Avery, the loss in '97, and the losses in '92 and '94.
  19. Carolina doing their best Zacha impression.
  20. I was in section 131. The place exploded when Henrique scored that goal. Then I saw them in Game 1 of the SCF only to lose to the Kings who looked like they were on another level. The pre-game music intro for that series was sick, with the sonar ping. Would love to see them bring this back if/when we make it to the postseason.
  21. Domi needs to take fighting lessons from his dad. Tie was 5-9"/5'10" and would beat the crap out of guys who were 6'5". If my father was a legendary goon I'd be learning all I can from him come playoff time.
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