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  1. I just want to see Tampa sweep this sh!t team.
  2. Without a doubt. The guy injured Crosby with a hit to the head. Just knocked down Domi with a hit to the head, leading with his elbow. Someone needs to plant the a$$hole into the ice.
  3. If the Devils get into the playoffs within the next few years they better get a skilled fighter to knock the sh!t out of Trouba. Because that idiot is a cheapshot headhunter. I could totally see him trying to injure Hughes or Hischier to swing momentum.
  4. Playing Danzig over the loudspeaker when Okhotiuk is about to get into a scrap is the equivalent of giving Popeye his spinach. It makes him 10 times stronger.
  5. This. Teams like the Rangers and Yankees never have to worry because other top players are always looking to head to NY. Their fan bases are also strikingly similar for some reason.
  6. Alright Carolina, you know what you gotta do.
  7. That goal by Matheson was very Severson-esque.
  8. F'ing Caps are that veteran team that never goes away.
  9. I'm sure Gallant gave the wink * wink to Trouba to start headhunting their top players. They got away with it and turned around the series. This is why we need a Tom Wilson type on this team. Because you know damn well if we ever face these idiots in the playoffs that Trouba will be looking to injure Hughes or Hischier.
  10. Get Pittsburgh outta here already. Bunch of sad sacks.
  11. Hang in there bud... Jack Hughes, Hischier, Bratt, Slafkofsky, Mercer, Sharangovich, Holtz, Luke Hughes will be developing into a pretty lethal core just around the time Kreider and the Rags are peaking and on the way down. Once Kreider, Zib, Panarin, Strome get on the other side of 30 there's no way Kakko and Laf are going to carry that team offensively. We'll have an NHL goalie around that time too.
  12. If Pittsburgh loses this game they're finished.
  13. Feel like I'm watching the Devils PP
  14. Speaking of the 80's-90's Devils, was Pat Verbeek traded straight up for Sylvain Turgeon or did NJ get more in the deal?
  15. Yea if Fitz trades this pick for a goalie (Knight, Gibson) he will be on Peter Chiarelli levels of stupid. Draft Slafkovsky. Period.
  16. Just saw a dumb rumor that has us trading the 2OA + Blackwood for John Gibson. And there are fans hoping this happens. Fitz couldnt be that stupid.
  17. Had we kept the pick, Lou and Conte probably would have selected Curtis Lazar instead, knowing their track record at the time.
  18. Zacha definitely models his game after Alex Ovechkin. Especially shot accuracy.
  19. Oh, I'm referring mostly to Devils fans I see posting comments on YouTube or Devils beat writers more so than anyone on this board. I think most people here would agree giving up 2OA is too high a price to pay for either Fiala or a goalie, especially when one can be had in free agency.
  20. Agreed. At this time, goalie has to be someone we bring in by free agency. Now that we have a chance to draft a power winger with scoring ability whom we can pair with Jack or Nico for years, people are looking to trade it away for a chance to get a goalie or another forward who can get us into the first round at best and go into "win now" mode. As NJ16W said, we're not one player away from cup contention. Plus we still have Ruff and we all know he's here for developmental purposes vs coaching this unit into the promised land. Trading this pick for Fiala or a nearly 30 year old goalie would be the height of stupidity.
  21. Couldn't agree more. Trading this pick for a goalie or Fiala would be a huge mistake. Only way I'd trade it would be to swap for a first rounder this year and collect a first rounder next year, and more if possible.
  22. I'd prefer to sign try to sign Husso this summer as an UFA vs trading our 2OA for a guy like Hellebuyck.
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