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  1. Won't matter. If they miss the playoffs Lindy will use the injuries excuse to keep his job, and round and round we go...
  2. Back to the power play. Poor Daws is right.
  3. Remember when Zajac got hit in the head with the puck and his game improved right after? Hopefully Siegenthaler will experience a similar revival.
  4. Call up Santeri Hatakka?
  5. Well, can't be shocked. Lindy's team in Dallas had piss poor defense, which led to his being canned. Bad defense seems to be his teams' trademark.
  6. I like the snarl in Bahl's game as of late
  7. 100%. I hope Lindy sees what we're seeing and makes Daws the eventual starter.
  8. He's already ahead of VV in my book based on that. Vitek would have gotten destroyed tonight.
  9. Oh not at all. Daws looks good honestly, especially considering the circumstances. It would be an incredibly pleasant surprise if he could wind up being our starting goalie by year end. It's a lot to ask but I'd like to see it happen. Better than forking over a boatload for Kappo Kakhonen. Btw, Oban goes well with Devils back-to-backs. I highly recommend it!
  10. And the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin....
  11. Off topic, but if these are the jerseys they're pretty slick.
  12. If McLeod knows he's on the trading block, he's creating a helluva highlight reel for himself. Will miss him if Fitz trades him away.
  13. Yea but it seems like a lifetime ago. For whatever reason Siegenthaler can do no wrong this year in Ruff's eyes.
  14. Can we add Siegenthaler to any trade package? I get his contract isn't the easiest to move but I'd really like to see him off this team. He seems way too comfortable with his job security this year...
  15. I really hope Fitz doesn't ship out McLeod for Gibson. Bringing in a 30 year old goalie is very risky, doubly so for this team.
  16. Why does Rogalski seem untouchable? We can joke that Marty is protecting him, but seriously...
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