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  1. All joking aside, I won't be surprised at all if Holtz is part of a package to get John Gibson (along with our first-round pick + top prospect + VV, to take him off our hands). Ruff does not like this kid for whatever reason and instead of seeing him ride the pine, I could see Fitz trying to do right by him by giving him a second chance with a new team. Yes, Daws has been playing well but I'm sure Ruff is begging Fitz for a legit veteran goalie (even if we miss the playoffs) and I could see Fitz trying to give Ruff everything he thinks he needs to make a Cup run over the next 2-3 years. I hope I'm wrong, but won't be surprised if it happens.
  2. I know it's not a priority, but adding Trevor Zegras with Jack would be an interesting experiment, assuming Toffoli is not coming back.
  3. The, "Tom, please save my ass and get me a playoff goalie now!" type of trade would be Holtz + first-round pick + talented prospect for John Gibson. Let's hope it never comes to that. 😂
  4. I'm resigned to the fact that Fitz will bring him back and that Holtz will probably be part of a trade package (because he's not one of "Ruff's guys"). There are certain players who never get the doghouse treatment, and before breaking his foot Siegenthaler was one of them. As for Fitz, I don't think he has the cajones to fire Ruff and hire Berube, as many would love to see happen.
  5. Won't matter. If they miss the playoffs Lindy will use the injuries excuse to keep his job, and round and round we go...
  6. Back to the power play. Poor Daws is right.
  7. Remember when Zajac got hit in the head with the puck and his game improved right after? Hopefully Siegenthaler will experience a similar revival.
  8. Call up Santeri Hatakka?
  9. Well, can't be shocked. Lindy's team in Dallas had piss poor defense, which led to his being canned. Bad defense seems to be his teams' trademark.
  10. I like the snarl in Bahl's game as of late
  11. 100%. I hope Lindy sees what we're seeing and makes Daws the eventual starter.
  12. He's already ahead of VV in my book based on that. Vitek would have gotten destroyed tonight.
  13. Oh not at all. Daws looks good honestly, especially considering the circumstances. It would be an incredibly pleasant surprise if he could wind up being our starting goalie by year end. It's a lot to ask but I'd like to see it happen. Better than forking over a boatload for Kappo Kakhonen. Btw, Oban goes well with Devils back-to-backs. I highly recommend it!
  14. And the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin....
  15. Off topic, but if these are the jerseys they're pretty slick.
  16. If McLeod knows he's on the trading block, he's creating a helluva highlight reel for himself. Will miss him if Fitz trades him away.
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