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  1. Scott Vladislav Tretiak Wedgewood
  2. If Wedgewood plays like this every night I'll laugh.
  3. He's due $5.7 mil per year from now through 2021 with a NTC. That's a lot of money for a slowish center whose bet attribute is winning face offs and trying to square off against the other team's players. It's insane how Lou guaranteed him $5.7 mil for 8 years with the NTC yet he played hardball with Parise which ultimately led to his walking.
  4. I know it's near blasphemy to criticize Zajac on this board but it'd be nice to see him pick it up offensively. He's been getting paid like a first line center for years and will be for the next few years. Yes, he plays defense and takes face offs but he's been without an offensive game since Parise and Kovalchuk left the team. Just so used to seeing him shoot wide of the net. Would be nice to see him start burying those shots.
  5. That's sick. Those seats must have been awesome. I saw them during that series as well but cant remember which game. My worst memory was Game 1 against the Kings. They were too much for the Devils to handle.. I remember watching the Kings in the pre-game skate and seeing Doughty fire shots on net and thinking to myself... "oh sh*t, this is going to be a long night".
  6. I was there the night when Henrique put away the Rangers in Game 6 in OT. When he scored the place went absolutely berzerk, so much so that we were screaming leaving the arena and screaming walking to the parking lots in Newark. It exorcised the demons of 1994 and all those sh*tty years when we lost to them in our new building and had to deal with their obnoxious fans. I'll never forget it. I'm sad to see Henrique go but we needed d-men badly and Vatenen seems legit. Here's to hoping he has a great career here.
  7. We did between 2005 - 2014 with previous management. No thanks.
  8. F the Oilers and that F'in caveman Lucic
  9. Oh well. Maybe we'll beat this team in 5 years or so when we have some solid defensemen and Nico is in his mid 20s. Till then we're basically the Oilers' doormat. F'in A.
  10. If only we had drafted Provorov or Werenski. Oh, the horror...the horror....the horror. Btw, was that David Conte's last draft with the Devils?
  11. Not that I'm getting ahead of myself but just think what next year will look like with a stud defenseman added in the first round. This team has so much upside. Because I've been so used to old Devils hockey I feel like I'm watching this team in an alternate universe....and....and.... I'm loving it!
  12. I love this team I love this team I love this team.
  13. Will be praying for BB! Get well soon brother!
  14. What a bunch of crap. We're also in this rebuild because of Lou and had it not been for that fluke run in 2012, his post lockout handling of the team would look much worse. I'm very grateful for what Lou did but give it a rest with the Lou worship and Shero hate. Ridiculous.
  15. He's going to Buffalo most likely. There's a photo being circulated with him going through an airport wearing Sabres gear. He ain't coming here. ..
  16. That's great haha. The Indian-Jewish phenom on defense, otherwise known as Andujar Greenberg.
  17. If that happens I hope he gets absolutely crushed by one of our players. Guy is the most selfish, moneygrubbing a-hole to ever put on a Devils uniform.
  18. slasher72

    2017 UFA Thread

    Lou swinging for the cheap seats! Signs Marleau (38), Dominic Moore (36), and Ron Hainsey (36) all to multi-year deals.
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