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  1. Well....will Pittsburgh be the first team to three-peat in the last 40+ years? Dear God I hope not.
  2. That ref should be doused with beer and urine.
  3. That's great hehe, yea those were good times when Metallica was still in their angry phase and Kill Bin Jovi logos were aplenty at their shows. I don't remember too many good looking ladies at their concerts, but I could be wrong (Motley Crue was another story - yea I know, poseur. Lol). I'll say this though, the coolest people you'd ever want to meet were at those Metallica shows back then. It was like a brotherhood... I agree with you on the Cult. Electric is an incredible album and I played that cassette tape ad nauseum. The beginning to Memphis Hip Shake has always been one of my favorites.
  4. The score will be 10-0 before it's over
  5. If they three-peat next year I will put my foot through the tv set. Anyway.. this game is over. Nashville is sleeping.
  6. That's awesome. Didn't know we had metalheads on this board. I saw Metallica during the Justice tour at the Bredan Byrne Arena, the Cult opened up for them. Would have liked to have seen Iron Maiden back in the day...my favorite album of theirs is Killers, followed by Number of the Beast. Regarding Metallica, I only listen to KEA, RTL, MOP, and Garage Days '88. Good sh*t.
  7. I dare say if we're ever looking to trade Cory we might be able to send him to Nashville, especially if they get bounced early
  8. The Pens fans are more obnoxious than Rangers fans and that's hard to top. This series will go 4 games. I think Nashville gets swept, as much as it pains me to say that. They just look like they can't catch a break (while Pitt gets nearly every break), Rinne is playing poorly, and they can't score at all. Just give the Pens the Cup Bettman so you can coronate them as the NHL's best team ever and hope they do it again next year. I only have one small request, can someone please knock that a-hole Malkin on his ass??
  9. Now that I've had about 10+ hours to reflect on the game last night, I've come to the conclusion that Bettman and the NHL want the Penguins to win at all costs because they believe having a perrenial winner will draw new fans. This reminds me of the mid 90's Chicago Bulls where all Jordan had to do was dribble the ball into the paint and if anyone grazed his jersey, it was a foul. The NBA wanted the Bulls in the spotlight for as long as possible for revenue and I see this as being no different. As good as the Preds are, and I'm rooting for them to win, I don't think they stand a chance because they are up against a good opponent and up against the referees. And that combo is probably too much for any team to overcome.
  10. Aside from the Rangers, I can't think of another team I despise more than Pittsburgh. Them and their annoying f'ing fans. I really hope we get it together in the next 3-5 years and face off against them in the playoffs as they're on the decline. I'd like nothing more than to see a fast, youthful and skilled Devils team knock them out.
  11. It's Bettman's favorite time if year where he gets to hand the Stanley Cup trophy, come hell or highwater, to his favorite team the Pittsburgh Penguins. That offsides call was utter and complete bullshiet. But you knew it was going in the Pens favor. And now Malkin scores. What else is new....
  12. I was out all day on the road, seeing this now and I am so effing psyched!!! Nico H....Nolan Patrick, here we come
  13. After watching the officiating tonight, I'd say yes.
  14. Who are we kidding, he'll sign with the Rangers. I'm actually feeling positive though about this team's future. Finally building a farm system, McLeod is doing great, Bastian, Speers, etc are doing well. Have guys in the wings like Joey Anderson and the guys on the squad like Wood, Blandisi, Quenneville, Severson, Hall, Palmieri, Zacha...all have youth on their side. Be patient, don't rush the development of our AHL'ers, and allow this rebuild to happen the right way. Could be worse, we could be saddled with a bunch of overpaid players, no farm system, and a slew of contracts to washed up vets...
  15. Goodbye Patty! You were the best and will always be one of my all time favorite Devils. Peace out
  16. I'm actually curious to see how long they can keep this losing streak going, 10 L's might be possible. Thankfully there aren't enough games though for them to beat the record (17 I believe).
  17. Thank you Patty! You were an awesome Devil and one of my favorites. Please come back to this team as a coach!
  18. I hope he becomes a coach some day, especially with this team.
  19. As was his style, because of his stubborness and ego, Lou refused to negotiate with Parise during his contract year (2010) and it bit him in the a $$ when Parise took off to Minnesota and Kovy bolted to Russia all in one fell swoop. Lou's next moves were to sign aging forwards (i.e. Sykora, Clowe etc) to fill the void just like he signed busted up defensemen (i.e. Volchenkov, Tallinder) because he and Conte couldn't rely on their drafting prowress to bolster the roster. Brodeur going to St. Louis was a non-factor in the team nosediving. Bad example. Yes, I know the team is in rebuild mode numbnuts and I am patient with them. I'm actually happy with the young group of players we have, they're not great talent wise but what the hell...I support them nonetheless and they're better than what we had. All I'm saying is if we had drafted better since the 2004-05 lockout and didn't sign aging vets to bad contracts we'd be in better shape and wouldn't have to worry about Hall leaving in 3 years if for whatever reason we can't turn this thing around. Now go back to screaming at people who dare to criticize the former GM.
  20. This is what 5-10 years straight of sh*tty drafting gets you. Thank you Lou, thank you Conte!
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