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  1. While we're on the topic of off ice matters, I had a bad dream the other night that Lou left Toronto and demanded he become GM of the Devils again, which ownership acquiesced to.. After his press conference his first decisions were to revert back to low numbers on jerseys, send all the young players to the minors, and then he announced the signing of nearly every ex-Devil still in the league and recently retired as his starters. I saw Peter Harrold, Mike Mottau, Bryce Salvador, and Marek Zidlicky in their present state on defense followed by Dainus Zubrus, Brian Gionta, Stephen Gionta, and Brian Rolston on offense (and Rolston was given a huge contract). Then, thankfully... I woke up.
  2. Well, look at the bright side...at least Lou & Conte aren't in charge of the Devils' draft anymore. Lol. I think its funny though how he says he enjoys the system they've established in Toronto and won't do things there the "Jersey" way. Sure...he riddles our talent level from years of bad drafting and bad contracts and left the team a mess. Now that he's part of an up and coming young team he's finally seen the err of his ways, smh.. Anyway back to the positive, I enjoy seeing high numbers worn by players like Blandisi's #64. Looks cool on the ice. And Wood, Hall, Palmieri, Zacha, Blandisi, Qville...etc.. all fun to watch and will get better.
  3. This +1. Wood is great to watch. Awesome Devil.
  4. Thank you. Lou and Conte are largely responsible for this deadwood roster. Just be thankful the two of them gracefully left the building when they did; yes I'm grateful for the Cups but it was well past their time and Lou was too stuck in his ways. Hopefully Shero can make the right moves and hopefully ownership cares enough to want to see a winner. We'll see........
  5. slasher72

    Devils standard

    Welcome aboard new guy As for the team, the only thing that scares the hell out of me is someone once mentioned the owners being fine with losing franchises as long as they generated income in their pockets and used the Sixers as an example...almost comparing the owners to slumlords. I really hope that isn't the case. I don't want to see 2-3 more years of this mess. In my heart of hearts, I hope they're committed to building a winning team and what we're witnessing now are just the after-effects of all those years of futile drafts, which should be fixable.
  6. This train wreck will take a long time to fix. Uncle Lou did a sh*t job drafting the past 5-10 years and the current FO is stuck with this mess.
  7. Look at the bright side, Lou left the team with plenty of talent to work with and the owners are committed to building a winner.
  8. Break out the doormat logo please. Thank you.
  9. Just as Lou used to salivate at the idea of signing washed up ex-Devils, Shero seems to enjoy the same game with his former club. Only saving grace I suppose is he doesn't throw crazy money at them. But still...it's annoying.
  10. Look at the bright side, at least Edmonton won't get the #1 overall pick again this year.
  11. The scariest part of it is the entire team from the GM on down seem absolutely clueless.
  12. Up 4-0 with less than a minute to go? No way the Leafs lose. Not happening. That type of shiet only happens to us (when we play the Canes in the playoffs)
  13. Woooooooooopie! Way to go Devs!!
  14. I'm going to watch the postgame "highlights" and crank the Benny Hill theme song.
  15. Haha, anytime man. I'm liking this logo more and more...
  16. Please put shoe marks on that thing and re-upload, haha
  17. Watching this team play hockey is like watching Faces of Death. No matter how appalling it gets, you can't walk away from the tv.
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