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  1. The disappointment will continue because Lou's philosophy is "my way or the highway". He doesn't see what the fans see, and he doesn't care to see it. He has built an entire system from the ground up from defensive hockey first, to uniform colors, to low numbers, to no long hair and no beards. And he has final say on the draft and free agency. It has been this way for 30+ years so why does anyone think he's going to suddenly change what he does? He won't. And his ego is too large to admit things aren't working, so he will contine as President/GM until the organization is turned around....but only turned around with his philosophy in place. Forget new ownership, they're proving to be as hands off as McMullen. Lou runs this team like he owns it, and that won't change until he retires and names his son as successor. As for the players, if you're a "Lou guy" you get unlimited ice time..despite your talent (i.e. Stephen Gionta). And that ain't gonna change either.
  2. Stephen Gionta is a Lou guy. He ain't goin' anywhere. As are Harrold and Zubrus. Whoever said Paul Martin would probably sign here in the off-season is probably right on the money too (especially with him being an ex-Devil)
  3. The retro uniforms look awesome. Once Lou retires, I hope they bring them back as an alternate uniform. Higher jersey numbers would be cool too. If his son Chris takes over as GM though, nothing will change.
  4. "We certainly will look at somebody within the framework of the system that we play. Defense first," he stressed. "But we also have to get some offensive players to complement that." In other words, nothing will change and the same players who don't produce now will be complimented next year by players who also don't produce.
  5. Someone buy Lou a time machine, because he's stuck in 1995.
  6. When Lou finally retires does Chris Lamoriello automatically become GM?
  7. And you're confident that Lou and Conte will get this done? Because I'm not.
  8. Looking at this team and the putrid drafting and seeing what the Rags have done makes me want to puke. And I expect nothing to change next year because Lou is in charge and he won't fire Conte, nor alter the way he approaches the draft selection or player acquisitions. We just need to ride the car until the wheels completely fall off and Lou retires in 4-5 years or so. I think that's the only way real change comes.
  9. With no offensive prospects waiting in the wings, you must draft McDavid in that situation. What is the worst we'd be picking at by the way? Just trying to figure out the average of where we might fall in.
  10. This is a forum, where opinions are free to expressed, from pessimism to homerism. Have a nice day jerk.
  11. I loved it when callers pranked that fat a-hole for falling asleep. Lol
  12. Lou needs to roll out the Cup teams every other year from here on out in order to keep people's minds off the current mess on the ice. Now everyone can live in the past, cheer on Lou, and chant "Rangers Suck" even more than before. Awesome
  13. Lou isn't going anywhere, lets stop kidding ourselves. The Devils could miss the playoffs for the next 4 years and Lamoriello will still be the GM, still making the same bad NTC contracts to over the hill / banged up vets, still underwhelming in the draft along with Conte, and still playing musical chairs with the coaching position. I don't even get upset anymore. I just accept the above to be true and desensitize myself to it all.
  14. Any chance we can give up our first rounder for Brian Gionta? C'mon Lou, make it happen!
  15. And Lou will still be saying, "no major changes are needed", "we just need to stay the course". Lol
  16. I think he'll step down in his mid 80's and groom his son for the job. In Lou's mind, Lou = the NJ Devils and no one, not even the new owners have the cajones to force him into retirement. I firmly believe he thinks he's got enough clout to stand toe to toe with them, based on what he's done for the franchise.
  17. Lou basically runs the organization. No one will fire him. He'll retire when he's had enough and his ego calls it quits, and that likely won't be until he hits his early to mid 80's. As a Giants fan, this reminds me of George Young in the 1990's...bad drafting, bad acquisitions, no "good" young talent waiting in the wings, a strong indication that the game had passed him by, but Young stayed on board despite his failures and had a massive ego that prevented him from retiring. Young had carte blanche all because of his past accomplishments (2 SB's) and turning the franchise around from a loser to a perennial contender. Same as Lou. Not sure if Lou's ego is as big as Young's was, but in all other cases the comparisons are strikingly similar.
  18. Lou Lamoriello, "I believe the team still has a solid core of players and no drastic changes will be made. We are going to stay the course."
  19. It's actually bordering on the comical now. Heheh. Lou is like a crack addict when it comes to signing former Devils. He just can't help himself. The game has clearly passed the old man by
  20. Devs getting close with Scneider? Please let this happen ASAP http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2014/07/devils_close_to_contract_extension_for_cory_schneider_sign_keith_kinkaid.html
  21. Dany Heatley is only 33. Thought he was mich older..
  22. Ughh losing Carter while keeping bernier and gionta..not good
  23. I don't think the Rags will sign Carter. Just a gut feeling. Then again, I thought Lou was signing Brian Gionta so there goes my part-time job as psychic reader.
  24. Bernier must have some incriminating photos of Lou somewhere
  25. Wow, you guys are really cool. You go! Do you have a poster of Marty over your bed to go along with that awesome username?
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