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  1. Lou, give Brad Bombardir a call and see if he's willing to come out of retirement for one last go round! Oops. He works for the Minnesota Wild. They've foiled us again.
  2. Since Lou has a hard-on for aging ex-Devils, why not get Mogilny out of retirement? It worked out pretty well the last time he tried it, lol
  3. Lou will sit on his hands again this offseason and try to sign utility players from other teams' bargain basements.
  4. Best post of the night. It's all good though..when we're out of the playoffs at least we can reminisce on our Stanley Cups and last year's success and end this season's failures by saying, "we played hard and that's all that matters" and "Lou will fix it. He always does."
  5. Lou thinks Marty will be around forever..thus the goalie position will not be addressed
  6. He threw it in front of the net while behind the goalie.. it bounced off a canes player's skate and went in
  7. Hmmm id say those last 2 devils goals were fortunate. Though I'll take em
  8. And this team doesn't have a first-round pick thanks to a$$hole Bettman. Awesome!
  9. This year is a deep draft... but I dont think we have a first round pick because of the Kovy acquisition. Is that right?
  10. So to replace Parise, this is what get? Awesome.
  11. Maybe Lou can bring back Arnott for another go round
  12. Heh let's face it, the Devils won't get Semin. I think Barch will be our key signing this offseason. No way Lou will break the bank the same way he did for Kovy and sign a big free-agent. Vanderbeek forced him to open the vault once, I don't see Lou letting him do it again. He's way too frugal and cautious, not that its necessarily a bad thing. Im just hoping Tedenby steps up in a big way this year. We need him.
  13. Taking off the red tinted glasses, this is a good trade for the Rags and makes their team stronger. Meanwhile, Lou fiddles...
  14. Let the Rags get Nash, let the Flyers get Weber, let the Pens get Semin...Lou made our big acquisition already when he signed Krys Barch. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  15. Thank God he didnt go to the Flyers, Penguins, or Kings. That would have been much worse. I have nothing against the Wild and have kind of liked them as a team in the West ever since Jacques was their coach. Losing Parise won't suddenly make us a sub .500 team. Henrique will fill the void somewhat and we'll get contributions from other players. Time for Kovy to step up.
  16. Suter and Parise.. wow. oh well. as far as Parise leaving, I have no emotion over it really. It's a business to them, not so much an entertainment sport as it is to us. I'm sure Thrashers fans were trashing Kovy too when he left. It's all part of it. On to next year...
  17. he's actually a good player. I dont mind the pick.
  18. Now we just need to get into the Conference Finals again with the Rangers and have our Matteau beat Lundqvist with a wrap around in a Game 7.
  19. Uggh, now theres a show on msnbc.. no draft . This is the worst coverage
  20. What channel is the draft on? They're showing Olympics crap on nbc sports channel
  21. slasher72

    Drew Doughty

    +1,000,000 The Durham Dirtbag and Kobe accuser are prime examples of women who cry rape in order to cash in. A just punishment would be to levy the same penalities intended for the falsley accused to those making up the lies.
  22. Dansk wouldn't be a bad pick at all
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