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  1. Take a breather and chill the fvck out. I wasn't knocking him. My point was if he was the owner, Lou would still be running the show without question. Because he let Lou handle the entire operation....and I was referring to another post that mentioned McMullen.
  2. If Dr. McMullen was still the owner, Lou would still be the infallible GM and we'd probably be trading our #6 pick for Kessel, signing Martin and Oduya in the off-season...and missing the playoffs again with an old, expensive roster. The new owners are the best thing that's happened to this franchise in a very long time!
  3. The only person blowing their wad in excitement over this news would be Lou. If Shero brought Martin here you know Lou would be doing backflips.
  4. If we're talking, "Back to the Future" Lea Thompson, I'd bang the sh*t out of her. Lol
  5. Shouldn't we be trying to get younger?? We already have enough old players who barely produce.
  6. If Uncle Fester was still GM...yes. That's a very real possibility. But I dont think Shero has any desire to be a GM/head coach, so we're probably safe.
  7. I like the choice of Hynes! Now lets draft some good forwards who can put the puck in net. No more utility types. We need scorers!
  8. Schneider to Tampa for Tyler Johnson and Andrej Palat. Lol.
  9. Hmm...I say trade Schneider to a team like Tampa for a few first round picks. Schneider's talents are wasted on this team. Seeing how bad Bishop is, could you imagine Schneider on the Bolts? Or a team like them in need of a good goalie?
  10. Marty was capable until he was 40. Hank could carry this team for another 4-5 years. It's not impossible. The thing that sucks is our forward prospects are garbage and I have very little faith in Lou and Conte finding us offensive talent in the draft (I say Lou because Shero is likely taking his cue from Lou until he feels confident enough to take over).
  11. Dude, we're not winning anything for the next 4-5 years. We have zero scoring and the facelift won't happen overnight. Meanwhile, these d-bags will probably go deep into the playoffs every season from now until 2020.
  12. You're forgetting they're playing the Rags at MSG. They never lose a Game 7 at home. Tampa is finished. If I have to see the Rags in the Finals again next year (while the Devils are resting on the golf course) I'm going to punch a hole in my TV set.
  13. A chimp on skates would be more effective right now than Bishop.
  14. Bishop sucks. He has axle grease on his gloves. Can't cover a puck to save his life. This game and series are over. Rags will win the series at home. Look at the positivrs, by the time we're relevant again and make the post season Lundqvist will be nearing his 40's and hopefully slowing down.
  15. Tampa goaltending is putrid. This game is over. Rags will wrap it up Friday night at home and go on to face Chicago. And next year, they'll make it to the Finals again and around and around we go...
  16. Dude, I just think you're an annoying a$$hole. No beer necessary, but thanks. Gracious offer.
  17. Hah. I agree dude. It sucks. And worse yet...we'll probably see them in the postseason next few years before the Devils sniff the playoffs again.
  18. How many more years must we see the Rags in the Finals?? Ugggghhhhhh
  19. Would love to think so but the Rags seem like a team of destiny this year.
  20. Rags take this game and I've got a bad feeling about the series...
  21. Quite the contrary with me. I love watching them lose. After they're eliminated it gets a bit boring (as long as we're not playing obviously).
  22. Ahh there he is...Mr. Know-It-All. I'm guessing your big, condescending mouth is awfully quiet in the presence of actual people, as opposed to typing behind a computer screen like a keyboard warrior. Just a hunch I have...
  23. Assuming Marner is gone, I'd like to see us draft Mathew Barzal and Dennis Yan in rounds 1-2 respectively. Both look like natural scorers. Enough of the big-bodied role players..this is one aspect where I hope Shero differs from Lou.
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