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  1. We need a top young goalie to learn from Marty, waiting in the wings. Right now we have nobody.
  2. The LA Kings will make a push to sign Parise too
  3. I never called out the coaches or Lou in particular but I know I definitely lost it a few times during the finals out of frustration and overreacted and had it out with a poster on here; devsman84 sorry for all the back and forth crap dude...lol. Anyway.. it was a damn good season and I love this team. Till next year...
  4. I definitely would have taken the camera and smashed it.. Sweet Jesus please prevent that fake fukwad city from ever winning another Stanley Cup or we'll have to see more of this obnoxious bullsh!t.
  5. Cameraman sounds like a typical burnout loser from LA trying too hard to be funny. F the Kings and their poseur fans. Let em join the Canes and Lightning in the land of One n' Done.
  6. slasher72

    Ex Flyers

    F Jeff Carter. The guy is a classless jerkoff.
  7. slasher72

    Screw the refs

    Dan O'Rourke is a piece of shiit . The same boarding call that Bernier was nailed for was glossed over and never called when that scumbag Dustin Brown did the same to the Coyotes player in their series. The officiating in the NHL is an absolute joke.
  8. if there are such things as hockey gods, PLEASE.. and I repeat PLEASE... DO NOT LET THIS TEAM REPEAT NEXT YEAR OR WIN ANOTHER CUP. Thank you.
  9. You know these fans are fairweather and mostly clueless because they're not even booing Bettman. lol. What a bunch of Hollywood poseurs.
  10. Thank you Devils. You guys gave us one hell of a season. If this is Marty's last hurrah, I just hope Lou has someone in mind.
  11. this is laughable and disgusting at the same time. We can't score with an extra attacker and they score once Marty comes back and lets in a softie. Why don't we just let them score another 4 goals before it's over? what the hell, let em win 10-1. Why not?
  12. well... at least I got to see the Giants win the Superbowl this year. As for LA, fukk them and their franchise.
  13. Don't worry.. they'll go the way of the Carolina Hurricanes after they won the Cup for all their poseur fans.
  14. This is the worst officiated hockey game i've ever seen. But, this is the Kings year I suppose. Let them have their Cup and then screw them every year from here on out with constant heartbreaking seasons. F them.
  15. I was there to see Henrique kill the Rangers season and for that i'm grateful. I love this team. This game sucks and i honestly wish with all my being that LA never has another successfull playoff run again. Their franchise can go to hell and referee Dan O'Rourke can follow them. That aside, I tip my hat to Pete D and this team. Thanks for the memories of a very good season.
  16. Well, all the candy assses in LA had to get a Cup. Bettman wouldn't have it any other way. It's just a damn shame that a referee can be so one sided a decide such an important game. Again, fukk you Dan O'Rourke you fukking scumbag. As for the dikkhead LA fans chanting "Marty", let your team get the NY Jets' curse and always choke in a big spot for the next 20 years. Go fukk yourselfs with your Cup.
  18. Gotcha. Yea man, I wasn't ripping into you with the sarcasm in my earlier post. Was just sick and tired of hearing about Quick and frustrated with the series. But now.....it's a whole new ball of wax
  19. 1 DOWN.............. LET'S GO DEVILS!!!!!
  20. Definitely plastic, but lovely nonetheless
  21. boys... i had a dream last night that we would win this game today and take the series. If we win it all, i'm opening up a 1-800 psychic line and quiting my day job
  22. when a ref decides a game of this magnitude, he should be ineligible from refereeing the remaining games (if there are any). What a fukin d-bag to make that kind of call. but then again, the NHL is in love with the Kings so what do you expect. If the Kings win the Cup, I hope they get the NY Jets' curse and never smell success for another 45 years. lol.
  23. yup. nice big tan fake ones. lol.
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